Monthly Archives: March 2010

Finding Serenity in Adversity… Conflict ALWAYS Seeks Resolution

….Believing in the new, believing in the release from what brings one pain and sorrow to the hope for a bright new future, for the dawn of a new day.  Seeing the light dear ones, through the shadows and fog, knowing that there is a light beyond that bend in the road, that no matter what the challenge one is faced with, there will be an answer, there will be a new path, and a new direction in what is needed and necessary to make the necessary changes.

 The Yin and Yang are both key to our progress.  One is not better than the other, as they both serve our highest good from the stance that we will find our truth either through feeling at peace or from the finding what we want to change (because of the contrasting energies or adversity).  Flow with it all dear ones, let it all be available to your choices at this time.  You cannot do this wrong.  All becomes a part of the fabric you are weaving, the experience you desire to learn or enjoy.

 Peace be with you always.  There never has to be a time of chaos in your lifetime experience and yet understand if chaos or adversity does arrive in what you are presently undergoing, embrace it with open arms and an open heart, flow abundant love and acceptance into what is taking place and then you will light the Truth upon it.

 You see, resistance and control can only mean you are not allowing the fullness of the experience, that your mind has taken hold of judgment as good or bad while your free spirit sits in bondage in the background.  Serenity, which simply means acceptance, can only bring you peace, and peace can only bring you flow, and flow can only bring you right to the very desires and dreams you are dreaming or desiring.

 Start now, let your self be free to just bee.  Let being free flow you forward into your bright new future that awaits you with openness and freedom you can only but love to be present in.  Allow your self to move beyond limitations and fears, and even as this movement or change may bring adverse conditions and energies, you can embrace them at once and transform them into motivating energies, catapulting you into your greatness, at peace and oneness with your just being you.

 Break out of old territory, old non-serving ways of living and being, and embrace the new, anew, the changes and growth necessary for your amazing transformation and new-ness.

No resistance, just flow in the waters of serenity!