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Have you Mastered your World?


Awakening, seeking the light, don’t stop now.  Move out of your own way and move everything in your way aside.  Let the light in and hold your head high.  Reach, stretch and feel what is new inside and outside your self, dear ones.  The seasons of change come and go and with each cycle of change, transition and transformation takes place.  You are always in a cycle of birth and death.  You are always a witness to what comes new-to-view and what falls behind as you step into your new world.  Struggling or resisting is your choice at any point in your process, yet know to take the easy flowing way to move forward will feel that much better for your willingness and motivational aspects.

 Delight in your “new”.  Delight in your ‘old’ then let it go.  Believe in who you are now without doubt or judgment and let each new part of you shine forth into the fullness and wholeness of who you are now.  Blessed be the one who sees their natural beauty and natural unfolding aging process as their gift to being here this lifetime.  You never lose your core being dear ones.  You child-like innocence, playfulness and trusting self is always readily available to tap into.  Your center core-self, your source within, only continues on and on into eternity; you can’t mess this up in any way.

 Let your self, inner and outer, be free to express and be what you now see and desire in this new space and time you are in.  Let magnificent, magical and miracles be the words you use now to express all the beauty and bounty that surrounds you now.  You are never without options or choices, you are always given the love and nurturing you need.  Open and receive now the eternal energies that await your reception;  those new energies that bring forth the driving creative nature within your being, for manifesting and bringing new life to that which has been lost or buried within.

 Come alive, wake up to the calls that address you, yes you, now.  Quit looking the other way or allowing any distraction to fog your full-clear view.  That which is given to you, that which is bestowed upon you, awaits you and only you can hear and answer that call, as it is an individual call to your unique self, your unique purpose, your driving force to propel you forward into your new world, unfolding all that is new for you.

 With love Spirit awaits your “coming to be” and with love Spirit walks by your side while you get there.  Realize the call to who this you is, right here, right now.

Mastering your Integrity…Finding your “Pot-of-Gold”

Stop and smell the roses dear ones.  Stop in your moment and take a deep breath of fresh air.  Listen for the sounds of nature or let the sunshine beat down directly upon your face and body.  Specify what your needs require in your moments verses in a future that is not yet here.  Find your way through the distractions and the illusions that create stress and not-so-good feelings in your moments in time.  What are my challenges, you ask verses what are my opportunities?  If your “pot-of-gold” is that which contains all your dreams and desires, do you see that it follows at the end of the rainbow?  It follows balance and harmony, happiness and joy.  It follows after the recognition of all that is within your heart and soul.  It follows the path of love and bright light, peace, kindness and compassion.  In truth dear ones your “pot-of-gold” is never separate from you.  It is always a part of your journey and destiny, and can be accessed at any time with your own awareness to it. You see and know your “pot-of-gold” when your Higher vibrations become aligned with all that is Higher and of Higher vibration.  You will see only that which you are capable of from the place you are at, in the moment you are in.

 Integrity is not meant to define you in to some narrow limited definition of perfection, never.  Integrity is an ongoing unfolding notion of truth you become aware of at any point in your moments of time.  One will always be tweaking and evolving in their wholeness or integrity of being, thus as you pay attention to this, you will naturally integrate the conscious aspects of what integrity will mean for you, and thus fully and freely be lead moment-to-moment to unveil your “pot-of-gold”.

Believing in Your Greatness…STRENGTH

Potent power, full throttle, let’s go!!

Leap into the void, allowing everything to enter into the experience of it, sorting through the clutter in your life and fully releasing any and all that does not serve you, once and for all.  Moving forward takes strength and courage dear ones, yet, it is in truth your most natural way of being.  Allow this now and you will find the strength you need, always, to fully experience each and every new now moment as it unfolds in its grand way of showing up for you. 

Your ancestors did this, as your life would not be in the progressive state it is without the past that was laid behind you.  Yet know behind you means no longer there, it is gone forever.  This understanding also takes strength, to let go of all associations with a past that has now become your present; your gift to you in your now moment.  Believe in yourself right here and now, all that you are, your greatness of all that you are becoming.  Why hesitate with fear and doubt??  There is a weakening of your power with that allowing of low energies. Yet with the knowing and unfolding of truth that you are love and love is all there is, this dear ones brings strength and power to your next footsteps; that progress then becomes the only way forward and the escalation you will feel from the empowerment of strength will abundantly fill your vessel to expand and evolve in your greatness. 

A mountain may take strength to climb yet know that with each and every climb there is a descent for your integration time.  During this integration time another mountain comes into your vision, across the horizon, and you come to realize your new found strength has only grown in its power to carry you forward to the next new phase of your glorious life; sweet, glorious, amazing, bountiful life, where strength and courage only keep on growing in their fulfillment to your every need.  So ride the waves of ebb and flow yet know either way strength is required to take you, exactly and Divinely, right where you need to be in that now moment. 

Just be and let be, as you follow your heart, strong, powerful, and almighty, as the Source runs through your veins and fills you with strength of being you.  In union and love join now all that surrounds you as your supporting strength, driving your every next step into greatness.

Trusting LOVE…with an open heart and pure flow

Breakthrough, open up now, do not delay this action to open your heart now, without resistance and without hesitation.  Let love in dear ones, full flow, full drive to easy-does-it reception and acceptance of all that awaits you now.  There is only love; anything else is a divergence to your reception of love.  Love is what you already are, yet what you already are is nurtured, restored and revitalized by the open, natural flow of love.  Replenish your self, feel alive and awakened, renewed and restored, uplifted with the flow of love that waits you right here, right now.

 Love is a natural element, a natural process of its own accord and vibration.  This is where one will know that love is real or not.  You cannot fake love.  You cannot make it up into something it is not.  You cannot manipulate or control love.  Love is free, all on its own, an energy that is felt and experienced by any and all allowing love to be a part of their flow process.  Loves very nature is to flow, it cannot be contained.  Even if one feels the explosive powers within, love will flow freely to bring peace and serenity, to bring balance not felt ever before.  Shifts in ones entire being takes place with the presence of love.

 By one allowing the natural shifts to take place you begin to feel the uplifted-ness in your present state of being.  You begin to see life with new eyes, finding and experiencing a deeper sense of being and a more committed outlook to your own path and purpose.  Love opens you to the vast multi-dimensional energies that are present and surrounding you, allowing you to feel (their) joy, to feel well-being, to feel tingling from head to toe with loves ever present flow.  Love will open you to the new, to the beauty inside and outside of you, to a bigger picture of possibilities only love could open you to.

 You see dear ones, when love is ever-present, when one is consciously aware of the love flowing to them and through them, you are then naturally opened to the All-of the-All; you can only but feel delight and delight finds you in all you do.

Listen to your heart, to the inner voice within you that is love and know you will only experience love this way….AND LOVE WILL FIND YOU EVERYTIME!

Clean our cobwebs of illusion, delusion and distortion of our Truth

Truth = power, dear ones, exposing and expressing oneself in fullness and openness of all that you are.  What are those cobwebs doing there anyway?  What has been neglected?  What has caused you distraction from cleansing, clearing and renewing?  Are you finding comfort in your small comfort zones?  Those are good, yet know there comes a time to move out, move on, expand and stretch out into new horizons. 

 If the old cobwebs of bondage are still hanging around one can feel stuck, even paralyzed in their needed movement to expand and stretch.  Energy cords and webs need to be cleared and cut on a regular basis.  It is no different than the way you care for your homes or your cars.  Regular up-keep and maintenance include energy cord and cobweb cleaning.  Old thoughts, old behaviors, past memories that no longer serve you, and yes even those old versions of what was your Truth then, as opposed to what is your Truth today.  It is your Truth, your power we speak of here.  This is what is maturing and growing in its strength and knowing of “what is’.  The illusion we speak of is what casts the webs of bondage, dear ones.  Like the spider creating its new catch-all net for its next feast; the same applies here with the webs and veils of illusion.  One gets caught up and caught in the control of another, stuck in ways that do not serve your growth and expansion; but rather keep you locked up and limited in your Truth, your power, and your possibilities to what is truly present in your now moments.

 Clip and clear continuously, daily, or even more as you monitor your understanding of what true freedom really is for you; sensing and knowing your Truth and power when it is in its fullness, high-tuned and maintained capacity.  During times of vast changes, dear ones, be especially vigilant to your cords, old or new that are attaching.  A regular practice of checking-in for a web check-up will truly keep you feeling free and flying high.  The mind becomes an excellent check point.  For what is being allowed to feed the mind will make all the difference in what is being processed through the rest of your being.  Hold fast to your integrity, set your intentions for pure thought and free-flowing well-being.  Then you will truly recognize an invader, old or new, if one comes to attach on, as the mind immediately feels confusion, chaos sets in and the rest is history.

 Know your own process and stay true to you, your Truth, your power and above all to your expression of this Truth and power, for then you will ‘know thyself”, what stays and what goes.

 Happy cutting! 🙂


A fountain will only go as high as it is allowed, the amount of water it’s given, and how open are its valves.  The same for you dear ones, where do you have your brakes on?  Where does your resistance lie?  Input + output =flow, it is really quite simple, yet the elements surrounding the flow can vary, thus rather than pure flow there may be a lot of stop and go.

 Your past, dear ones is simply just that, a copulation of many experiences that have affected you both physically and spiritually.  What you have done in the past becomes irrelevant as any and all experiences are fully integrated in the course of your moving forward.  Yet understand as you evolve, some things, some experiences have left-over pieces that are no longer needed, they just need to be let go, released or discarded in some suitable fashion that you find agreeable, to both your mind and your soul.

 Holding on to what is no longer needed or necessary can create havoc within your natural flowing movement and process of moving forward.  This ‘old stuff’ becomes obstacles to your new-ness and all that is coming to be born a-new.  Too much of anything becomes a burden to your being, dear ones, it becomes evident that it no longer feels good to have around or within your self; it becomes an obstacle to your well-being.  This then creates a confusion of self and self-worth, blocking what is needed and good for you from entering your new now.  Your mind takes hold of this sabotage and your heart saddens in despair.  One begins to believe they can no longer move forward into their new-ness because they believe it is not really going to be there for them. 

 Many lives you all have lived, many lessons you all have learned and integrated into your eternal beings.  Moving forward upon your eternal paths only brings you joy and wisdom, this you know from your past experiences, and this you know from the core knowing of your Truth within, the Divine nature of your being.  This is where your faith in your future can always be trusted, dear ones.  All that awaits you can only be found by moving forward.  All that is real lies ahead yet each movement must be trusted of its Divine nature, of its goodness and perfection for you and all that you are creating and desiring to be there for you.

 Trust in your past as your greatest preparations for your future and it is then that you will easily flow with well-being, as you just let your heart navigate the right way for you…..

Precious, beautiful, individual you!


Bull’s-eye! … Straight and center, right to your core dear ones.  This is where your Truth lies.  There is no other one like you.  You are the one and only you, sent to this world, free to be all that you design and create for your learning and growth this lifetime.

 Love is real, love is all there is.  Love of self, your being, your purpose, and the whole authentic you dear ones.  It is easy to become distracted by others wants and needs, yet know as you move forward in your true self you are independent of the whole.  This independence is what supports the whole, dear ones. 

How can this be, you ask?  You each have a very unique design to your being.  Each and every step made in fullness brings more depth and dimension to the whole.  As you show up each day in love with who you are, you open yourself to the Divine sacred flowing energies that not only nurtures, strengthens and renews you, but also the whole too.  The overflow of love and beauty becomes available to all, it becomes your gift to the masses, all of whom can receive your loving gift or deny their own being the love you are offering.  No matter, your abundance becomes an eternal flow, as one becomes affected, than another, and then another.

 Find joy in your independence, your unique, special, beautiful self.  Know that it is in your independence that you are never alone, as you shall then attract the flow of love to your being, so as to make that love connection with all those that surround you.  When one loves in integrity of their being independent, then all may benefit from that deep eternal flowing well, and thus allow their own independence and unique abilities to shine forth in their fullness too.

 Be kind to your self, be true to you dear ones.  Let love in then openly share it in depth with each and every moment of truth you are gifted with.  Love can not be measured or limited in any way; it simply is either received or denied.  Thus, open and receive without resistance, without judgment, without taking score and become the love you feel and know as your truth within.  Live and breathe it dear ones, as you walk in your independence of self, one with all.