Bull’s-eye! … Straight and center, right to your core dear ones.  This is where your Truth lies.  There is no other one like you.  You are the one and only you, sent to this world, free to be all that you design and create for your learning and growth this lifetime.

 Love is real, love is all there is.  Love of self, your being, your purpose, and the whole authentic you dear ones.  It is easy to become distracted by others wants and needs, yet know as you move forward in your true self you are independent of the whole.  This independence is what supports the whole, dear ones. 

How can this be, you ask?  You each have a very unique design to your being.  Each and every step made in fullness brings more depth and dimension to the whole.  As you show up each day in love with who you are, you open yourself to the Divine sacred flowing energies that not only nurtures, strengthens and renews you, but also the whole too.  The overflow of love and beauty becomes available to all, it becomes your gift to the masses, all of whom can receive your loving gift or deny their own being the love you are offering.  No matter, your abundance becomes an eternal flow, as one becomes affected, than another, and then another.

 Find joy in your independence, your unique, special, beautiful self.  Know that it is in your independence that you are never alone, as you shall then attract the flow of love to your being, so as to make that love connection with all those that surround you.  When one loves in integrity of their being independent, then all may benefit from that deep eternal flowing well, and thus allow their own independence and unique abilities to shine forth in their fullness too.

 Be kind to your self, be true to you dear ones.  Let love in then openly share it in depth with each and every moment of truth you are gifted with.  Love can not be measured or limited in any way; it simply is either received or denied.  Thus, open and receive without resistance, without judgment, without taking score and become the love you feel and know as your truth within.  Live and breathe it dear ones, as you walk in your independence of self, one with all.

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