A fountain will only go as high as it is allowed, the amount of water it’s given, and how open are its valves.  The same for you dear ones, where do you have your brakes on?  Where does your resistance lie?  Input + output =flow, it is really quite simple, yet the elements surrounding the flow can vary, thus rather than pure flow there may be a lot of stop and go.

 Your past, dear ones is simply just that, a copulation of many experiences that have affected you both physically and spiritually.  What you have done in the past becomes irrelevant as any and all experiences are fully integrated in the course of your moving forward.  Yet understand as you evolve, some things, some experiences have left-over pieces that are no longer needed, they just need to be let go, released or discarded in some suitable fashion that you find agreeable, to both your mind and your soul.

 Holding on to what is no longer needed or necessary can create havoc within your natural flowing movement and process of moving forward.  This ‘old stuff’ becomes obstacles to your new-ness and all that is coming to be born a-new.  Too much of anything becomes a burden to your being, dear ones, it becomes evident that it no longer feels good to have around or within your self; it becomes an obstacle to your well-being.  This then creates a confusion of self and self-worth, blocking what is needed and good for you from entering your new now.  Your mind takes hold of this sabotage and your heart saddens in despair.  One begins to believe they can no longer move forward into their new-ness because they believe it is not really going to be there for them. 

 Many lives you all have lived, many lessons you all have learned and integrated into your eternal beings.  Moving forward upon your eternal paths only brings you joy and wisdom, this you know from your past experiences, and this you know from the core knowing of your Truth within, the Divine nature of your being.  This is where your faith in your future can always be trusted, dear ones.  All that awaits you can only be found by moving forward.  All that is real lies ahead yet each movement must be trusted of its Divine nature, of its goodness and perfection for you and all that you are creating and desiring to be there for you.

 Trust in your past as your greatest preparations for your future and it is then that you will easily flow with well-being, as you just let your heart navigate the right way for you…..

Precious, beautiful, individual you!

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