Clean our cobwebs of illusion, delusion and distortion of our Truth

Truth = power, dear ones, exposing and expressing oneself in fullness and openness of all that you are.  What are those cobwebs doing there anyway?  What has been neglected?  What has caused you distraction from cleansing, clearing and renewing?  Are you finding comfort in your small comfort zones?  Those are good, yet know there comes a time to move out, move on, expand and stretch out into new horizons. 

 If the old cobwebs of bondage are still hanging around one can feel stuck, even paralyzed in their needed movement to expand and stretch.  Energy cords and webs need to be cleared and cut on a regular basis.  It is no different than the way you care for your homes or your cars.  Regular up-keep and maintenance include energy cord and cobweb cleaning.  Old thoughts, old behaviors, past memories that no longer serve you, and yes even those old versions of what was your Truth then, as opposed to what is your Truth today.  It is your Truth, your power we speak of here.  This is what is maturing and growing in its strength and knowing of “what is’.  The illusion we speak of is what casts the webs of bondage, dear ones.  Like the spider creating its new catch-all net for its next feast; the same applies here with the webs and veils of illusion.  One gets caught up and caught in the control of another, stuck in ways that do not serve your growth and expansion; but rather keep you locked up and limited in your Truth, your power, and your possibilities to what is truly present in your now moments.

 Clip and clear continuously, daily, or even more as you monitor your understanding of what true freedom really is for you; sensing and knowing your Truth and power when it is in its fullness, high-tuned and maintained capacity.  During times of vast changes, dear ones, be especially vigilant to your cords, old or new that are attaching.  A regular practice of checking-in for a web check-up will truly keep you feeling free and flying high.  The mind becomes an excellent check point.  For what is being allowed to feed the mind will make all the difference in what is being processed through the rest of your being.  Hold fast to your integrity, set your intentions for pure thought and free-flowing well-being.  Then you will truly recognize an invader, old or new, if one comes to attach on, as the mind immediately feels confusion, chaos sets in and the rest is history.

 Know your own process and stay true to you, your Truth, your power and above all to your expression of this Truth and power, for then you will ‘know thyself”, what stays and what goes.

 Happy cutting! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Clean our cobwebs of illusion, delusion and distortion of our Truth

  1. Marie

    So true! You hit the nail on the head. Thanks for sharing this. I’m sure it’s by no coincidence either that the last few magazines I picked up all contained articles about clearing, cleaning and organizing. Make the committment to clear at least one thing daily (if not more) and by the end of the month you’ll have 30 less things to deal with. You’re a rock star! Keep shining that bright light.

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