Trusting LOVE…with an open heart and pure flow

Breakthrough, open up now, do not delay this action to open your heart now, without resistance and without hesitation.  Let love in dear ones, full flow, full drive to easy-does-it reception and acceptance of all that awaits you now.  There is only love; anything else is a divergence to your reception of love.  Love is what you already are, yet what you already are is nurtured, restored and revitalized by the open, natural flow of love.  Replenish your self, feel alive and awakened, renewed and restored, uplifted with the flow of love that waits you right here, right now.

 Love is a natural element, a natural process of its own accord and vibration.  This is where one will know that love is real or not.  You cannot fake love.  You cannot make it up into something it is not.  You cannot manipulate or control love.  Love is free, all on its own, an energy that is felt and experienced by any and all allowing love to be a part of their flow process.  Loves very nature is to flow, it cannot be contained.  Even if one feels the explosive powers within, love will flow freely to bring peace and serenity, to bring balance not felt ever before.  Shifts in ones entire being takes place with the presence of love.

 By one allowing the natural shifts to take place you begin to feel the uplifted-ness in your present state of being.  You begin to see life with new eyes, finding and experiencing a deeper sense of being and a more committed outlook to your own path and purpose.  Love opens you to the vast multi-dimensional energies that are present and surrounding you, allowing you to feel (their) joy, to feel well-being, to feel tingling from head to toe with loves ever present flow.  Love will open you to the new, to the beauty inside and outside of you, to a bigger picture of possibilities only love could open you to.

 You see dear ones, when love is ever-present, when one is consciously aware of the love flowing to them and through them, you are then naturally opened to the All-of the-All; you can only but feel delight and delight finds you in all you do.

Listen to your heart, to the inner voice within you that is love and know you will only experience love this way….AND LOVE WILL FIND YOU EVERYTIME!

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