Believing in Your Greatness…STRENGTH

Potent power, full throttle, let’s go!!

Leap into the void, allowing everything to enter into the experience of it, sorting through the clutter in your life and fully releasing any and all that does not serve you, once and for all.  Moving forward takes strength and courage dear ones, yet, it is in truth your most natural way of being.  Allow this now and you will find the strength you need, always, to fully experience each and every new now moment as it unfolds in its grand way of showing up for you. 

Your ancestors did this, as your life would not be in the progressive state it is without the past that was laid behind you.  Yet know behind you means no longer there, it is gone forever.  This understanding also takes strength, to let go of all associations with a past that has now become your present; your gift to you in your now moment.  Believe in yourself right here and now, all that you are, your greatness of all that you are becoming.  Why hesitate with fear and doubt??  There is a weakening of your power with that allowing of low energies. Yet with the knowing and unfolding of truth that you are love and love is all there is, this dear ones brings strength and power to your next footsteps; that progress then becomes the only way forward and the escalation you will feel from the empowerment of strength will abundantly fill your vessel to expand and evolve in your greatness. 

A mountain may take strength to climb yet know that with each and every climb there is a descent for your integration time.  During this integration time another mountain comes into your vision, across the horizon, and you come to realize your new found strength has only grown in its power to carry you forward to the next new phase of your glorious life; sweet, glorious, amazing, bountiful life, where strength and courage only keep on growing in their fulfillment to your every need.  So ride the waves of ebb and flow yet know either way strength is required to take you, exactly and Divinely, right where you need to be in that now moment. 

Just be and let be, as you follow your heart, strong, powerful, and almighty, as the Source runs through your veins and fills you with strength of being you.  In union and love join now all that surrounds you as your supporting strength, driving your every next step into greatness.

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