Mastering your Integrity…Finding your “Pot-of-Gold”

Stop and smell the roses dear ones.  Stop in your moment and take a deep breath of fresh air.  Listen for the sounds of nature or let the sunshine beat down directly upon your face and body.  Specify what your needs require in your moments verses in a future that is not yet here.  Find your way through the distractions and the illusions that create stress and not-so-good feelings in your moments in time.  What are my challenges, you ask verses what are my opportunities?  If your “pot-of-gold” is that which contains all your dreams and desires, do you see that it follows at the end of the rainbow?  It follows balance and harmony, happiness and joy.  It follows after the recognition of all that is within your heart and soul.  It follows the path of love and bright light, peace, kindness and compassion.  In truth dear ones your “pot-of-gold” is never separate from you.  It is always a part of your journey and destiny, and can be accessed at any time with your own awareness to it. You see and know your “pot-of-gold” when your Higher vibrations become aligned with all that is Higher and of Higher vibration.  You will see only that which you are capable of from the place you are at, in the moment you are in.

 Integrity is not meant to define you in to some narrow limited definition of perfection, never.  Integrity is an ongoing unfolding notion of truth you become aware of at any point in your moments of time.  One will always be tweaking and evolving in their wholeness or integrity of being, thus as you pay attention to this, you will naturally integrate the conscious aspects of what integrity will mean for you, and thus fully and freely be lead moment-to-moment to unveil your “pot-of-gold”.

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