Have you Mastered your World?


Awakening, seeking the light, don’t stop now.  Move out of your own way and move everything in your way aside.  Let the light in and hold your head high.  Reach, stretch and feel what is new inside and outside your self, dear ones.  The seasons of change come and go and with each cycle of change, transition and transformation takes place.  You are always in a cycle of birth and death.  You are always a witness to what comes new-to-view and what falls behind as you step into your new world.  Struggling or resisting is your choice at any point in your process, yet know to take the easy flowing way to move forward will feel that much better for your willingness and motivational aspects.

 Delight in your “new”.  Delight in your ‘old’ then let it go.  Believe in who you are now without doubt or judgment and let each new part of you shine forth into the fullness and wholeness of who you are now.  Blessed be the one who sees their natural beauty and natural unfolding aging process as their gift to being here this lifetime.  You never lose your core being dear ones.  You child-like innocence, playfulness and trusting self is always readily available to tap into.  Your center core-self, your source within, only continues on and on into eternity; you can’t mess this up in any way.

 Let your self, inner and outer, be free to express and be what you now see and desire in this new space and time you are in.  Let magnificent, magical and miracles be the words you use now to express all the beauty and bounty that surrounds you now.  You are never without options or choices, you are always given the love and nurturing you need.  Open and receive now the eternal energies that await your reception;  those new energies that bring forth the driving creative nature within your being, for manifesting and bringing new life to that which has been lost or buried within.

 Come alive, wake up to the calls that address you, yes you, now.  Quit looking the other way or allowing any distraction to fog your full-clear view.  That which is given to you, that which is bestowed upon you, awaits you and only you can hear and answer that call, as it is an individual call to your unique self, your unique purpose, your driving force to propel you forward into your new world, unfolding all that is new for you.

 With love Spirit awaits your “coming to be” and with love Spirit walks by your side while you get there.  Realize the call to who this you is, right here, right now.

2 thoughts on “Have you Mastered your World?

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