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True Joy is a Beacon in the World!

Make the connection, joy radiates “I am alive”!  Believe in life, brazen in its vibration, in the overall flowing abundance of the echoes of joy, as it is expressed and experienced.  The “wow” factor that is easily and readily given through being in joy is not to be measured.  One cannot find the words to contain its overall effect on any one being, or experience of many beings.  Joy can only be shared, and through its sharing comes more alive in its power and translation of that power upon you, dear ones.

 Now is the time to find your joy, right where you are.  Go within and set your joy free, ignite the world in life-blazing joy and watch what unfolds before your very eyes.  One does not live without joy.  Life must be nurtured and embraced with joy, as joy fills the heart and love then can be found.  Love then can manifest into an overflowing stream of endless-joyousness.

 Be kind to yourself, dear ones.  Put down the to-do-lists and release the mind judgments of yourself and others.  Make room to receive your joy, to fill your being to its brim in ecstasy of its buzz.  Make room for joy in all your everyday affairs.  As you are joyous, so to shall be everything you touch along the way.  Notice how natural nature is in its joy.  Flowers bloom, birds sing, and dogs wag their tails, all a pure fine example of being in their life-brazen state of joy.

 Relax; it is easy to be in this way.  Start with the feeling, then let that feeling take its course into a full blown joyous state.  Uncontained and fully exposed, this joy will radiate across the world and into the skies.  Be now, in faith of this joy to behold, day in and day out.  Let joy change and transform every perspective of your “now” moments, filling you with blessings of its abundant and life-altering energies.

 Air out what’s stale and stagnant and let joy awaken you to new-ness, now!

Visualizing Our Journey…The Climb

Time flies, days, years, decades, centuries; the measurement of what was, past experiences, past choices, our own individual growth and evolution as human beings on this planet Earth.  Do we still see our experiences as black and white or have we come to understand the multi-dimensional aspects of everything that occurs during our moments in time? 

 Yes dear ones, no path is narrow, straight or pure black and white in its concepts and makeup.  The many layers of what unfolds through the process called time are beyond our language to just describe in a simple way.  There are many levels to every experience you encounter, seen or unseen, connected through many lifetimes of living and breathing in Earth days.  How one chooses to look at this is what one will actually experience in their Earth days.  Your focus becomes the material for your perspective, thus, how you look at your present days upon your eternal journey will dictate what you experience and how that experience will unfold for you.

 Do you love where you are at here and now?  Do you see you’re self as a Divine being, gifted, beautiful and whole in nature; or do you walk through the motions of your day’s unconscious to the many elements that surround you, or unconscious to the very care of your self as a worthy being of purpose?

 “The land of the free” is the motto for the country you live.  Where did this motto come from and what is this meaning for you as you live here?  When you hear the word freedom do you feel elated and excited, filled with passion and motivation, or do you roll your eyes in disbelief that there ever could be such a thing?  Slavery has been banned many years ago, yet do you still feel a slave to your life, in your life, to your path and journey, to past choices you have made?  Dear ones, where have you allowed your being to be led if slavery still exists for you?  What have you allowed to be a part of your experience that would keep you enslaved or feel the bondage of slavery as you move about your days?

 Take back your power now!  Freedom is never out of reach!  One can simply make the choice to be free and live that way throughout their remaining Earth days.  Allow your journey to lead you in freedom and remove the element of any association of slavery out of your experience forever.  Start with love, love of self, love of life, love of your purpose here this lifetime.  Give thanks for all that continues to support your amazing journey and free your self to fully live the amazing, extraordinary, individual journey you have been given. 

 Give thanks for the many blessings that are always being presented for your needs and desires then move forward in your Earth days, in your Earth time, as a free Spirit embracing it ALL.  Live and breathe it ALL, dear ones, this is YOUR life, theses are YOUR moments to live, grow and evolve in delight and awe of ALL you have been given to know and experience this lifetime!  No compromise!  Full commitment!

Where is your Spiritual Focus?

Take the masks off, remove the facade and unveil what is real.  Go straight to your center and lift the shades of illusions to reveal the one who is present there.  Yes dear ones, “the One”, the “I Am Me”, the “I Am this Core” and “one with the All”, “the Everything” that surrounds me inside and out.  One never has to go far to unveil their Core Self, their Light of Truth within.  A simple meditation and journey within will reveal the many secrets and mysteries locked away deep inside.  Does one realize this as a given, something easily taken for granted or can you look beyond the limited mind thought of what truth lies within, and see the bigger picture, the mysteries and unknowns that came to be with the union and commitment of your Spiritual journey within your beautiful body/temple.

 Yes dear ones, “A union made in Heaven” barely describe what has transpired here.  One could never fully reveal the entire contents of this uniting commitment, yet to know that it would never be necessary to ever do so.  The commitments of your Spirit are eternal yet understand your body is temporary.  Thus the commitment is only as good as the body is present and willing to be part of this Heavenly-made union.  What is your focus/intention for your Spiritual Commitment, you ask?  This is one that even if the body is unwilling to continue the Spirit will not give up.  Yet know, throughout your Earth days a constant awareness to the nurturing of your Spirit becomes necessary for the smooth flow of your growth and evolvement as a Human Being having a Spiritual experience.

  Simply put the main aspects to focus and intention comes from the mind.  It is the Human mind that requires a standard format for growth and progress, yet the Human mind can easily deny the Spirit its freedom to be fully present; thus the focus or intention loses its value, the commitment to allowing freedom is broken, and the Spirit is quieted and locked away.

 Remain vigilant to your Spiritual needs, dear ones.  Remain open to the value and importance of this mystical union between your body and your Spirit.  Take none of this for granted as the presence of your Spirit is a key element to the balance of your body energies and fullness of being.  Nurturing and caring for your wholeness of being is what is key here, and when one feels out of balance simply ask by going within, “Where am I?” then seek to know what now becomes necessary for this sacred commitment to be rejuvenated into its wholeness once again.

 Better times ahead for all with this understanding and respect of union and commitment.  No-thing in your way dear ones, ever, when it comes to finding your Truth within and bringing it forward to share with your world.

 United you stand…Divided you fall.

The Message in the Full Moon

Ebb and flow, in and out, forward, backward and sideways.  Everything has a natural rhythm and rhyme dear ones.  Why resist anything you are presently experiencing?  Allowing the natural flow to just be as it is presented frees you to enjoy the experience.  When feeling your highs or lows they simply become an indicator of what you like or dislike.  Keep it simple.  If you become engaged in an experience that leaves you feeling low and depleted, simply pivot yourself and seek the high road.  Your intention to feel better or to find joy will lead you right to that better feeling of that joy, as you envision it to be.  So much of your energies become fragmented and displaced when one is stuck in a swirly-whirly of bad feelings and draining energies.  Wake up, revitalize and renew yourself by seeking the high road, that road where change and adventure is magical and exciting.  It can always be that way for you.  Just believe it in your heart to be so.

 So much illusion can create the burdens you feel.  Fears, doubts and self judgment are just a few that can bear weight upon your being.  Your mind and body become stuck and paralyzed and you feel unable to feel the beauty that is always there for you to tap into.  Reach out now out of those places of imprisonment and come to realize who you are now; your strength, your power, and your worthiness to be on your magical sacred path of evolution.  Let the tides take you to and fro, knowing that whether you are in ebb or in flow it is all pertinent to your whereabouts at that time, and important /key to the experience you are having.

 Don’t forget to let go dear ones.  Ride that wave full force without the safety nets or safety lines to keep you from going too far out there.  No such thing.  You can and will only go as far as you are able; and as you do, what is ready and waiting for you will come to you in just that Divine time.  All is laid out before you even take flight on that wave.  Let go of any past pain and suffering as the past will put a lag on your movement forward.  See yourself with loving, non-judgmental eyes which will enhance the joy and delight that you will feel and know as you move along your amazing wave of glory.

 Remember, a riptide may attempt to control you, distract you or pull you off course but you must remember that you always have the power to choose where you want to go in the long run.  A riptide is temporary and can bring you much wisdom as you experience its powerful controlling force.  Yet ultimately you are the decider of the outcome to this experience.  For just as there is a riptide there can also be that wave of glory to swoop you right back up and on track to your dreams and desires of where you see yourself to be.

BALANCE…Being alive is enough

Push me, pull me, every direction can be going at once sometimes.  Why drive yourself so hard dear ones?  What is it you find gratifying by doing so much at once?  A soft sway can be just as effective as doing the cha cha.  It is all about your being as you move along your sacred path of life. 

 Fulfillment is wishes granted and dreams that come to life, yet one cannot reach those places when pulled apart and out of their natural balance of being.  You see once out of balance in any way, mind, body or Spirit, that part of you out of balance must find its center of balance first, in order for the flow of Truth to continue on its way. 

 Peace and serenity are always easily accessible and are your beings way to being in a state of free flowing balance.  Yes, just your heart beating at a moderate rate along with your breath input and out put at a steady rate, is the starting point for any centered way of being.  Add in your eating what feels healthy for you and resting when needed, and viola! you have just added to the healthy formula for being in balance.  Know that you know dear ones.  One way or another you will sense what part of you has been taken too far off its track of centeredness.  Once realized it is key to bring alignment immediately to your self and being, allowing excess, too much or too little, can be the poison that invades your peaceful-serene state.

 Feeling high or feeling low, no matter, each is healthy until it becomes an excessive drain on your being.  Once excess is allowed, its force and power can take much of your efforts and energy to bring your being back to balance.  You see, this is when one becomes ill or dis-eased.  Yes, you can always bring the body back to its healthy form, yet any excess will require much more of your focus and attention to do so.  Once excess is reached everything around you becomes out of focus and fragmented.  Each piece must be realigned to a healthy form of peace and serenity by taking action, your action to do so.  Once realigned, health in all ways is achieved and thus one is able to come back to their original journey and life of being alive in living their purpose and dreams.

 Yes dear ones, being alive is enough, there is really no more for you to concern yourself with.  As you flow with being alive you will naturally adapt to what is needed and necessary for you during each and every moment of your living-breathing life, allowing you full balance, which brings you all the happiness and joy any being would ever want in a lifetime.

 So stick to it, simple, easy, no fuss, no resistance, just being alive, just being you, happy and free to just be.  What will that take for you to have that here and now, dear ones??  Just start believing in you, you heart and soul, then let the rest unfold in its Divine perfect way.