The Message in the Full Moon

Ebb and flow, in and out, forward, backward and sideways.  Everything has a natural rhythm and rhyme dear ones.  Why resist anything you are presently experiencing?  Allowing the natural flow to just be as it is presented frees you to enjoy the experience.  When feeling your highs or lows they simply become an indicator of what you like or dislike.  Keep it simple.  If you become engaged in an experience that leaves you feeling low and depleted, simply pivot yourself and seek the high road.  Your intention to feel better or to find joy will lead you right to that better feeling of that joy, as you envision it to be.  So much of your energies become fragmented and displaced when one is stuck in a swirly-whirly of bad feelings and draining energies.  Wake up, revitalize and renew yourself by seeking the high road, that road where change and adventure is magical and exciting.  It can always be that way for you.  Just believe it in your heart to be so.

 So much illusion can create the burdens you feel.  Fears, doubts and self judgment are just a few that can bear weight upon your being.  Your mind and body become stuck and paralyzed and you feel unable to feel the beauty that is always there for you to tap into.  Reach out now out of those places of imprisonment and come to realize who you are now; your strength, your power, and your worthiness to be on your magical sacred path of evolution.  Let the tides take you to and fro, knowing that whether you are in ebb or in flow it is all pertinent to your whereabouts at that time, and important /key to the experience you are having.

 Don’t forget to let go dear ones.  Ride that wave full force without the safety nets or safety lines to keep you from going too far out there.  No such thing.  You can and will only go as far as you are able; and as you do, what is ready and waiting for you will come to you in just that Divine time.  All is laid out before you even take flight on that wave.  Let go of any past pain and suffering as the past will put a lag on your movement forward.  See yourself with loving, non-judgmental eyes which will enhance the joy and delight that you will feel and know as you move along your amazing wave of glory.

 Remember, a riptide may attempt to control you, distract you or pull you off course but you must remember that you always have the power to choose where you want to go in the long run.  A riptide is temporary and can bring you much wisdom as you experience its powerful controlling force.  Yet ultimately you are the decider of the outcome to this experience.  For just as there is a riptide there can also be that wave of glory to swoop you right back up and on track to your dreams and desires of where you see yourself to be.

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