Where is your Spiritual Focus?

Take the masks off, remove the facade and unveil what is real.  Go straight to your center and lift the shades of illusions to reveal the one who is present there.  Yes dear ones, “the One”, the “I Am Me”, the “I Am this Core” and “one with the All”, “the Everything” that surrounds me inside and out.  One never has to go far to unveil their Core Self, their Light of Truth within.  A simple meditation and journey within will reveal the many secrets and mysteries locked away deep inside.  Does one realize this as a given, something easily taken for granted or can you look beyond the limited mind thought of what truth lies within, and see the bigger picture, the mysteries and unknowns that came to be with the union and commitment of your Spiritual journey within your beautiful body/temple.

 Yes dear ones, “A union made in Heaven” barely describe what has transpired here.  One could never fully reveal the entire contents of this uniting commitment, yet to know that it would never be necessary to ever do so.  The commitments of your Spirit are eternal yet understand your body is temporary.  Thus the commitment is only as good as the body is present and willing to be part of this Heavenly-made union.  What is your focus/intention for your Spiritual Commitment, you ask?  This is one that even if the body is unwilling to continue the Spirit will not give up.  Yet know, throughout your Earth days a constant awareness to the nurturing of your Spirit becomes necessary for the smooth flow of your growth and evolvement as a Human Being having a Spiritual experience.

  Simply put the main aspects to focus and intention comes from the mind.  It is the Human mind that requires a standard format for growth and progress, yet the Human mind can easily deny the Spirit its freedom to be fully present; thus the focus or intention loses its value, the commitment to allowing freedom is broken, and the Spirit is quieted and locked away.

 Remain vigilant to your Spiritual needs, dear ones.  Remain open to the value and importance of this mystical union between your body and your Spirit.  Take none of this for granted as the presence of your Spirit is a key element to the balance of your body energies and fullness of being.  Nurturing and caring for your wholeness of being is what is key here, and when one feels out of balance simply ask by going within, “Where am I?” then seek to know what now becomes necessary for this sacred commitment to be rejuvenated into its wholeness once again.

 Better times ahead for all with this understanding and respect of union and commitment.  No-thing in your way dear ones, ever, when it comes to finding your Truth within and bringing it forward to share with your world.

 United you stand…Divided you fall.

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