Visualizing Our Journey…The Climb

Time flies, days, years, decades, centuries; the measurement of what was, past experiences, past choices, our own individual growth and evolution as human beings on this planet Earth.  Do we still see our experiences as black and white or have we come to understand the multi-dimensional aspects of everything that occurs during our moments in time? 

 Yes dear ones, no path is narrow, straight or pure black and white in its concepts and makeup.  The many layers of what unfolds through the process called time are beyond our language to just describe in a simple way.  There are many levels to every experience you encounter, seen or unseen, connected through many lifetimes of living and breathing in Earth days.  How one chooses to look at this is what one will actually experience in their Earth days.  Your focus becomes the material for your perspective, thus, how you look at your present days upon your eternal journey will dictate what you experience and how that experience will unfold for you.

 Do you love where you are at here and now?  Do you see you’re self as a Divine being, gifted, beautiful and whole in nature; or do you walk through the motions of your day’s unconscious to the many elements that surround you, or unconscious to the very care of your self as a worthy being of purpose?

 “The land of the free” is the motto for the country you live.  Where did this motto come from and what is this meaning for you as you live here?  When you hear the word freedom do you feel elated and excited, filled with passion and motivation, or do you roll your eyes in disbelief that there ever could be such a thing?  Slavery has been banned many years ago, yet do you still feel a slave to your life, in your life, to your path and journey, to past choices you have made?  Dear ones, where have you allowed your being to be led if slavery still exists for you?  What have you allowed to be a part of your experience that would keep you enslaved or feel the bondage of slavery as you move about your days?

 Take back your power now!  Freedom is never out of reach!  One can simply make the choice to be free and live that way throughout their remaining Earth days.  Allow your journey to lead you in freedom and remove the element of any association of slavery out of your experience forever.  Start with love, love of self, love of life, love of your purpose here this lifetime.  Give thanks for all that continues to support your amazing journey and free your self to fully live the amazing, extraordinary, individual journey you have been given. 

 Give thanks for the many blessings that are always being presented for your needs and desires then move forward in your Earth days, in your Earth time, as a free Spirit embracing it ALL.  Live and breathe it ALL, dear ones, this is YOUR life, theses are YOUR moments to live, grow and evolve in delight and awe of ALL you have been given to know and experience this lifetime!  No compromise!  Full commitment!

2 thoughts on “Visualizing Our Journey…The Climb

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