True Joy is a Beacon in the World!

Make the connection, joy radiates “I am alive”!  Believe in life, brazen in its vibration, in the overall flowing abundance of the echoes of joy, as it is expressed and experienced.  The “wow” factor that is easily and readily given through being in joy is not to be measured.  One cannot find the words to contain its overall effect on any one being, or experience of many beings.  Joy can only be shared, and through its sharing comes more alive in its power and translation of that power upon you, dear ones.

 Now is the time to find your joy, right where you are.  Go within and set your joy free, ignite the world in life-blazing joy and watch what unfolds before your very eyes.  One does not live without joy.  Life must be nurtured and embraced with joy, as joy fills the heart and love then can be found.  Love then can manifest into an overflowing stream of endless-joyousness.

 Be kind to yourself, dear ones.  Put down the to-do-lists and release the mind judgments of yourself and others.  Make room to receive your joy, to fill your being to its brim in ecstasy of its buzz.  Make room for joy in all your everyday affairs.  As you are joyous, so to shall be everything you touch along the way.  Notice how natural nature is in its joy.  Flowers bloom, birds sing, and dogs wag their tails, all a pure fine example of being in their life-brazen state of joy.

 Relax; it is easy to be in this way.  Start with the feeling, then let that feeling take its course into a full blown joyous state.  Uncontained and fully exposed, this joy will radiate across the world and into the skies.  Be now, in faith of this joy to behold, day in and day out.  Let joy change and transform every perspective of your “now” moments, filling you with blessings of its abundant and life-altering energies.

 Air out what’s stale and stagnant and let joy awaken you to new-ness, now!

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