Monthly Archives: June 2010

Change is MAGICAL!

Why do you think we say “butterflies are free”, dear ones?  Change is magical, all change, transformative from head to toes, heart to soul, body and Spirit; and as one is connected to the whole it is in the magical transformation that one can rely upon new-ness and freedom to always just be.  The caterpillar is already self-contained to transform into the butterfly, yet it does not just happen without the caterpillar taking the steps forward in preparation of its own transformation into a completely renewed being.  Your core remains a part of you wherever you go.  Why then would you look at transformational change as anything but magical?  You truly are never losing your “Self” only renewing and rejuvenating.

 Change becomes a way to bring you your next big adventure, a way to fulfill those dreams and desires, a way to let go of what no longer feels true to who you are.  By allowing your process of change to be magical you allow the magic to be present.  The scope of your change then becomes beyond your immediate world and opens into a grand range of choices and perspectives.  You will never feel stuck; you cannot find fear here in this process.  One can only find joy and delight as all that they are experiencing becomes wide open for pleasure and support.

 Our dear ones, your life path is but a small blip in your eternal travels.  To waste any of your precious moments lamenting in past sufferings, old anger or fears is only cheating your self, your being, out of every miracle that awaits your unfolding; that magical scene of your life called “change”.

Focus on the “courage” in Serenity

What is courage?  Do we automatically have it?

 Courage is a formula coming from the desire of the Spirit to be free and to move forward, mixed with the humans need to “not give up’, to win and succeed.  Together you have courage.  Yet even as one may not be aware of their measure of courage, it is always readily available once sought after.  Courage is a silent, even unconscious development within your experience.  It will drive or propel you forward without a clear understanding of its natural workings.  It seems the mind musters it up and brings the thought “to be brave” forward.  It is then one can take their necessary actions of choice to complete what was previously obstructed by fear or doubt.

 Courage to change the things I can…well dear ones, in Truth you can always make changes even without the presence of courage, yet as you speak of “change” as a conscious knowing of its presence, it is then that most change will present some sort of fear attached to it; a natural response from most.  The mind grabs hold of what is about to be changed and thus creates its own version of what could be unfolding.

 Do you share doubts and fear readily amongst your peers and each other?  Of course you do, thus it is then your mind creates many versions of truth, or of what can or will transpire from change that is becoming present and obvious to ones consciousness.  Muster up some courage here; is that the answer to all your perceived obstacles?  Not even dear ones.  Yet know if the thought that courage is present it may bring you peace and thus assist in your flow of moving forward and uncovering what is truly needed and necessary during this time of your journey, and the many changes you are experiencing.

 Change is inevitable, so as you come to realize that you may look your fears and doubts in the face at numerous times along your journey, you find that there is much comfort and peace brought to your knowing that you can always find and tap into your infinite resource of courage along the way.  The rest is really quite simple; remove your resistance to any changes and allow your mind, heart and action the peaceful, serene flow of all that you come to encounter along your amazing journey.  It is then that you can count on your courage to be a gift you may just give another, to assist them in moving along their way.  Yes dear ones, sharing your courage with another is an even greater gift as it allows you both new found freedom and new life waiting to be lived; free to be in flowing , loving peace and serenity.

A New Season Dawns!

Light-hearted and carefree, expose your True Self now to your world.  Open up and let the light in, deep, deeper, unveil all the dark corners, remove all that is hiding deep within and feel your Truth come alive.  Let your inner core breathe in and out the life that is waiting to be lived by you; another moment in another hour, in another day.  Yes, dear ones, another precious moment in another unique hour, in another extraordinary day.  Eternal life, yes, life that goes on and on; yet this on and on brings newness, changes and opportunities to live and experience life here and now.

 Right where you are, in this beautiful moment in time; bless it all our loves, extend love to all that you encounter and send love to those you sense may need love for their journey and transitions.  Believe in all that you are as you make your way past old challenges, as you remove old skins, as you gain new perspectives of what used to bring you pain and sorrow.  Change is magical.  Life is enchanting.  All that you are blessed to be now and in your future is a Divine gift always present to tap into.  Life is good.  Life is a gift and no matter where you are at right here and now you can find gratitude for this life you are living, or choose to not see or experience the miracles that are ever so present for you now.

 All is a choice yet that won’t stop that which is flowing to you now.  So hop on-board this life of amazing and wonder, seek to find that which you dream and desire and never settle for anything less.  The moments keep flowing dear ones, make them your brightest and best ever.  Reach for the stars when it comes to creating your bigger picture and begin now to live this life of yours as if love is all there is.

 Bend, stretch and expand, reaching out for that star in the sky, for that rainbows pot-of-gold, for that ray of sunshine, for the abundance that awaits you now.  No limits to this new you that is coming to be as Heaven lives fully ignited within you, radiating outward the Light and Love of being you.

 Happy, joyous, emerging, blossoming, free-to-be you!

What is your Bigger Picture Revealing?

Find peace and serenity right where you are, first and foremost find your balance and feel in harmony with all that surrounds you, no exceptions, no exclusions, no extremes one way or another.  As you bring balance to all that you’ve experienced up to this exceptional moment in your life, you come to realize each and every experience has already been integrated and that all that is no longer needed has fallen away.  Yes dear ones, you are a free Spirit, alive and free to be all that you’ve come to be at this time in your amazing life and journey.  It is a time for new inspirations, new ideas that are in alignment with all that you are presently sensing as now available for your manifestations and new creations, as you are now designing new additions to what already exists here and now in your “whole”; the whole picture that is visible to you at this time.

 Take the time to be quiet and unfold the new inspirations of Divine dreams and possibilities of what your new future could be.  Yes, your now moment is the only place to receive those Divine thoughts and messages yet let your self have free reign in creating what a future picture could be for you.  Dream, and as you do remove all the limits and stops to what this could be for you.

 There is always “more” dear ones, this is good, this is never a bad concept.  One can feel caught up in “more” yet in Truth “more” is why you are here right now as a Spirit in a human body;  you are learning and integrating what that means for you, the exceptional, the extraordinary, the profound nature of “more”.  You are never really done here, you will always be creating, yet when you come to understand that “more” simply requires a flow in order to remain balanced, it is then that you will have the time of your life in creating.  As you create then enjoy by sharing, enjoy by adding pieces to your Bigger picture or to someone else’s, as it is then that all can benefit from this abundant flow of all that is good.

 A future is meant to be desired and that desire creates that future.  So with that in mind, remember to allow your dreams, ideas and inspirations to all be included in that process.  Dream big and allow the Universal flow to bring you “more” as the Bigger picture of your life continues to expand and grow in all its amazing glory and grace. 

 Don’t sell your self shortThis is your life; this is your time to be you and to share that with all that is blessed to be around you and with you here, now and in your glorious future Bigger picture!

Unedited-Unrestrained Wisdom of the Heart

Step up, step in, and take that leap of faith.  Why does a step in a new direction have to feel like such a big risk for you, dear ones?  Moving forward is just that, forward motion of some kind.  Small steps are just as effective as catapulting.  You see whenever a new step is made you have prepared for that step long before you actually make it.  Many steps you take are actually taken unconsciously yet you have at some point in time allowed your forward movement to that Divine time for making a new step.

 Relax and let loose here, why are you being so hard on your self?  Taking score or self-judgment will only delay your gratification of what joyously awaits you.  Let loose on the control and find your way to allowing your momentum to be in its natural state of forward movement.  At all times you are taking in new information coming from your exact surroundings yet your own individual perception can either limit what you experience or allow fullness to what you experience.  When you come to realize your wisdom comes from actually experiencing your life it is then you can embrace that you are a very wise and capable being.  You are already everything you presently desire to be and through following the wisdom of your heart you are taking responsibility for finding that which you seek to know and experience at that time.

 Your heart beats all on its own.  Even if you’ve had to utilize machinery to compel the heartbeat, the heart still knows your rhythm, your vibration and exactly what you need to feel alive and free as a healthy loving being of nature.  Without any thought dear ones, find you’re most deep desires within and allow them free reign to speak their Truth and ignite your forward motion in revealing all that you’ve come to be, here and now.  Open fully the loving channel of sacred wisdom that flows freely from deep within and come to know what that means for you, as you move forward into the bigger picture of your life’s journey.

 Be in your rhythm and excel at your own pace and know that whether you are taking baby steps or large leaps of faith you will come to know each and every experience that awaits you now; all enhancing the wisdom of the heart and the love for your self as a beautiful wise being of light and love.

 Put the key in the hole and turn the knob.  Unlock the door and step on through, over the threshold, and into what awaits you now.

The Miracles in The Road Less Traveled

Unseen powers at work, always dear ones; heart and soul unite behind the scenes to inspire and help create that which is amazing and beautiful in its form.  The road less traveled can feel like a hardship and can create many challenges throughout ones lifetime.  Yet know that each and every one of you has an individual path and journey, fully prepared and ready to bring you all that you dream and desire along the way.  Nothing goes unseen when one is in their now moment, open and available to the vast/infinite elements that are there, always to tap into.

 Oh, how life can always be grand and full of amazing experiences!  There are always inner workings in constant attraction-mode that send out the sonar to what is delightful to your path and being you.  As one moves forward and begins to unveil what was not seen or felt before, they can only begin to define these new experiences as ‘miraculous” and “Divine” in their experience of them.  Words can hardly describe what a “miracle” would be, as in its true essence it is fully experienced in every way, body, mind and Spirit. 

 Miracles can change and shift your being and thus your perception of what you would know as your faith and knowing of what is true for you.   Each miracle experienced becomes a Divine blessing touching you from head to toes, and everything in-between.  Once you’ve experienced this Divine Grace you will always know when miracles are present, and simply put dear ones, you come to realize miracles are always around you, in one way, shape or form; at all times, visible if one is aware and conscious to their bigger picture. Let the light in and remain in your faith that through many powerful forces, some more powerful invisible than visible, all around you can create beautiful gifts for your journey, in infinite miraculous ways. 

 Stay vigilant to the miracles that bless you and know you will always feel abundantly fulfilled by receiving their Grace and beauty.  And remember always, dear ones, you, your-self, are a Divine Miracle.  You and all that you are a miracle to this earth world and its many dimensions.  The miracle of you can never go unnoticed as there is always another close by waiting for the miracle of “you” to show up in their life.  Let this never be taken for granted or dismissed to your importance, to all who await you.

 How blessed is this world with the MIRACLE of YOU!!!

Your Ship has arrived!

Reflect now on what has changed.  See the changes, observe them all objectively and embrace all that you have experienced up to this now moment.  How do you feel?  What is it that you are still holding on to that can be let go now?

 Trust!  Yes dear ones, trust that you can take that next new step; trust that you are no longer bound by your past and that all is brand new, a clean slate for new creations, new experiences and for building a new future.  What is it that would prevent you from trusting your where-bouts at this time?  Do you see that everything you have allowed to be a part of your experience has led you exactly to where you need to be right now?

 Trust =faith.  In every way your faith, or what you know to be true, is that special gift to your self that keeps you moving forward.  As you find your self moving from one now experience to another your mind forms judgments and can take score as to what was good, and what was bad.  Yet, by trusting in it all, that everything seen, felt and experienced as being perfect and Divine, it is then that you are able to clear the way for allowing abundance to freely come to you.

 Through judgment of good or bad one can block their own flow of amazing and well-being, and thus lose their faith in the infinite abundant universe.  Your own mind thoughts can create the way; create the path you decide to walk thus limiting you to a narrow experience, without any new/unknowns to be present.  The unknown can bring fear and the mind can judge it as being “not good” yet this is where trusting your heart, trusting your senses to lead you into the new and unknown will bring large dividends every time.

 Remove your self from doubts and fears and trust in your inner resources of intuition and knowing, to break new ground for you, leading you on to new paths and in new directions that will bring you great joy.  Experience your life, dear ones, and have faith that its design is only of Divine origin and creation!

Relax! Release! Receive!

Fire up, change is here!  Believe in who you are.  You all have an important purpose.  There is a time and place for everything you are about to experience this lifetime.  Relax and let go of what that looks like.  Relax and respond to the call rather than create fear, worries or doubts in the confusion or chaos.

 Be kind to your self in every way.  Allow your being you its highest honors and respect, just as you would give another that you hold on a pedestal of adoration.  Be in your moments, aware and awake, vigilant to what you are presently experiencing.  All unfolds in its Divine time, dear ones.

 What are you drawn toward?  This is where alignment is coming to be.  This is your path calling you forward to enter into the unknown and to reveal the mysteries that await your coming to be.  Call out for help from your loving Guides and Angels as they await to be your guiding strength and support.  You are always safe, dear ones.  You are never alone.  Be steadfast now to what steps you are taking and know you are moving in the right direction to your call to be there.

 Living vs. dutiful.  Being vs. controlling.

 Prepare for the enfoldment.  It’s all in the process; it’s all in the enfoldment as one experience will end and a new one will begin; all connected to each other, all building off the other.

 Enjoy your life!  Make choices when they feel good to make and when it’s time to just wait you will do so at its Divine and right time. 

Enjoy, don’t let your self get lost in your gifted moments in time.  Be present for it all, as everything is a part of your amazing time in being you!

Living On Your Edge

Offer it up, let it go, move beyond whatever you are resisting or what is holding you back from living in fullness.  Don’t wait or hesitate.  Clear, clean decisive action is now necessary for the “amazing” to unfold in all ways, for you this lifetime.  Get your head out of the clouds and push the fog away from your eyes.  You are ready now to step forward, to transition into the “new”, into what is new for you.  Simply put, if today was your last day would you stay still and do nothing to find resolution and integration in your last 24 hours of time, or dear ones, would you celebrate your life, right where you are, with all that you now have around you, in full joy, love and gratitude for it all?

 Everything you have experienced up to this now moment brings you abundant blessings and growth to your being you this lifetime.  Nothing is ever wasted, yet understands that there is a time to hold on and a time to let go.  This “letting go” simply moves you forward into that which awaits you, into that which you have manifested all along.  Believing that you are able to move beyond your edge or any walls you have built around you is what becomes needed and necessary for you to make the changes real, to actualize all that you are sensing, feeling and knowing into new pathways and new directions for your travels and journey of your evolutionary process.

 What is your edge, you ask?  This is a point in your flow where there is a major resistance to forward movement.  Usually your edge was created from past experiences, even past lives.  It could be an edge or boundary you sent far ahead of yourself to prevent you from something you no longer wanted to experience.  Either way, you know when you reach this place of stepping out of you comfort zone and your soul knows the Truth of what has been placed in your way of forward movement.  Ask your soul, dear ones.  Go within and ask where you have placed these deep-heavy lines in your path of flow.  No longer does one need to obstruct their own flow, but rather move past these obstructions freely and fearlessly.  There will always be other obstructions down the way.  As you travel, you naturally find resistance with the mind being your lead resource.  Instead, start now to walk with your heart leading the way.  A bigger picture is always readily available with the heart calling out the directions and guiding words.  

 Yes, there is going to be a last day, someday, this is inevitable, yet know you are an eternal being and that this physical lifetime is meant to be fully lived, each and every moment of your time here, that is all that is being said here.  Remove anything that would be in your way now that would obstruct this Truth of living your life to its fullest; and know dear ones, everything is in its Divine time, even the moment you are taken to your edge becomes that moment to allow your self to become anew, to end that old chapter and start a new one.  Let go now and flow-with-the-grow of all that you are, as a beautiful light being created in the eyes of love.