Your Ship has arrived!

Reflect now on what has changed.  See the changes, observe them all objectively and embrace all that you have experienced up to this now moment.  How do you feel?  What is it that you are still holding on to that can be let go now?

 Trust!  Yes dear ones, trust that you can take that next new step; trust that you are no longer bound by your past and that all is brand new, a clean slate for new creations, new experiences and for building a new future.  What is it that would prevent you from trusting your where-bouts at this time?  Do you see that everything you have allowed to be a part of your experience has led you exactly to where you need to be right now?

 Trust =faith.  In every way your faith, or what you know to be true, is that special gift to your self that keeps you moving forward.  As you find your self moving from one now experience to another your mind forms judgments and can take score as to what was good, and what was bad.  Yet, by trusting in it all, that everything seen, felt and experienced as being perfect and Divine, it is then that you are able to clear the way for allowing abundance to freely come to you.

 Through judgment of good or bad one can block their own flow of amazing and well-being, and thus lose their faith in the infinite abundant universe.  Your own mind thoughts can create the way; create the path you decide to walk thus limiting you to a narrow experience, without any new/unknowns to be present.  The unknown can bring fear and the mind can judge it as being “not good” yet this is where trusting your heart, trusting your senses to lead you into the new and unknown will bring large dividends every time.

 Remove your self from doubts and fears and trust in your inner resources of intuition and knowing, to break new ground for you, leading you on to new paths and in new directions that will bring you great joy.  Experience your life, dear ones, and have faith that its design is only of Divine origin and creation!

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