The Miracles in The Road Less Traveled

Unseen powers at work, always dear ones; heart and soul unite behind the scenes to inspire and help create that which is amazing and beautiful in its form.  The road less traveled can feel like a hardship and can create many challenges throughout ones lifetime.  Yet know that each and every one of you has an individual path and journey, fully prepared and ready to bring you all that you dream and desire along the way.  Nothing goes unseen when one is in their now moment, open and available to the vast/infinite elements that are there, always to tap into.

 Oh, how life can always be grand and full of amazing experiences!  There are always inner workings in constant attraction-mode that send out the sonar to what is delightful to your path and being you.  As one moves forward and begins to unveil what was not seen or felt before, they can only begin to define these new experiences as ‘miraculous” and “Divine” in their experience of them.  Words can hardly describe what a “miracle” would be, as in its true essence it is fully experienced in every way, body, mind and Spirit. 

 Miracles can change and shift your being and thus your perception of what you would know as your faith and knowing of what is true for you.   Each miracle experienced becomes a Divine blessing touching you from head to toes, and everything in-between.  Once you’ve experienced this Divine Grace you will always know when miracles are present, and simply put dear ones, you come to realize miracles are always around you, in one way, shape or form; at all times, visible if one is aware and conscious to their bigger picture. Let the light in and remain in your faith that through many powerful forces, some more powerful invisible than visible, all around you can create beautiful gifts for your journey, in infinite miraculous ways. 

 Stay vigilant to the miracles that bless you and know you will always feel abundantly fulfilled by receiving their Grace and beauty.  And remember always, dear ones, you, your-self, are a Divine Miracle.  You and all that you are a miracle to this earth world and its many dimensions.  The miracle of you can never go unnoticed as there is always another close by waiting for the miracle of “you” to show up in their life.  Let this never be taken for granted or dismissed to your importance, to all who await you.

 How blessed is this world with the MIRACLE of YOU!!!

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