Unedited-Unrestrained Wisdom of the Heart

Step up, step in, and take that leap of faith.  Why does a step in a new direction have to feel like such a big risk for you, dear ones?  Moving forward is just that, forward motion of some kind.  Small steps are just as effective as catapulting.  You see whenever a new step is made you have prepared for that step long before you actually make it.  Many steps you take are actually taken unconsciously yet you have at some point in time allowed your forward movement to that Divine time for making a new step.

 Relax and let loose here, why are you being so hard on your self?  Taking score or self-judgment will only delay your gratification of what joyously awaits you.  Let loose on the control and find your way to allowing your momentum to be in its natural state of forward movement.  At all times you are taking in new information coming from your exact surroundings yet your own individual perception can either limit what you experience or allow fullness to what you experience.  When you come to realize your wisdom comes from actually experiencing your life it is then you can embrace that you are a very wise and capable being.  You are already everything you presently desire to be and through following the wisdom of your heart you are taking responsibility for finding that which you seek to know and experience at that time.

 Your heart beats all on its own.  Even if you’ve had to utilize machinery to compel the heartbeat, the heart still knows your rhythm, your vibration and exactly what you need to feel alive and free as a healthy loving being of nature.  Without any thought dear ones, find you’re most deep desires within and allow them free reign to speak their Truth and ignite your forward motion in revealing all that you’ve come to be, here and now.  Open fully the loving channel of sacred wisdom that flows freely from deep within and come to know what that means for you, as you move forward into the bigger picture of your life’s journey.

 Be in your rhythm and excel at your own pace and know that whether you are taking baby steps or large leaps of faith you will come to know each and every experience that awaits you now; all enhancing the wisdom of the heart and the love for your self as a beautiful wise being of light and love.

 Put the key in the hole and turn the knob.  Unlock the door and step on through, over the threshold, and into what awaits you now.

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