What is your Bigger Picture Revealing?

Find peace and serenity right where you are, first and foremost find your balance and feel in harmony with all that surrounds you, no exceptions, no exclusions, no extremes one way or another.  As you bring balance to all that you’ve experienced up to this exceptional moment in your life, you come to realize each and every experience has already been integrated and that all that is no longer needed has fallen away.  Yes dear ones, you are a free Spirit, alive and free to be all that you’ve come to be at this time in your amazing life and journey.  It is a time for new inspirations, new ideas that are in alignment with all that you are presently sensing as now available for your manifestations and new creations, as you are now designing new additions to what already exists here and now in your “whole”; the whole picture that is visible to you at this time.

 Take the time to be quiet and unfold the new inspirations of Divine dreams and possibilities of what your new future could be.  Yes, your now moment is the only place to receive those Divine thoughts and messages yet let your self have free reign in creating what a future picture could be for you.  Dream, and as you do remove all the limits and stops to what this could be for you.

 There is always “more” dear ones, this is good, this is never a bad concept.  One can feel caught up in “more” yet in Truth “more” is why you are here right now as a Spirit in a human body;  you are learning and integrating what that means for you, the exceptional, the extraordinary, the profound nature of “more”.  You are never really done here, you will always be creating, yet when you come to understand that “more” simply requires a flow in order to remain balanced, it is then that you will have the time of your life in creating.  As you create then enjoy by sharing, enjoy by adding pieces to your Bigger picture or to someone else’s, as it is then that all can benefit from this abundant flow of all that is good.

 A future is meant to be desired and that desire creates that future.  So with that in mind, remember to allow your dreams, ideas and inspirations to all be included in that process.  Dream big and allow the Universal flow to bring you “more” as the Bigger picture of your life continues to expand and grow in all its amazing glory and grace. 

 Don’t sell your self shortThis is your life; this is your time to be you and to share that with all that is blessed to be around you and with you here, now and in your glorious future Bigger picture!

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