A New Season Dawns!

Light-hearted and carefree, expose your True Self now to your world.  Open up and let the light in, deep, deeper, unveil all the dark corners, remove all that is hiding deep within and feel your Truth come alive.  Let your inner core breathe in and out the life that is waiting to be lived by you; another moment in another hour, in another day.  Yes, dear ones, another precious moment in another unique hour, in another extraordinary day.  Eternal life, yes, life that goes on and on; yet this on and on brings newness, changes and opportunities to live and experience life here and now.

 Right where you are, in this beautiful moment in time; bless it all our loves, extend love to all that you encounter and send love to those you sense may need love for their journey and transitions.  Believe in all that you are as you make your way past old challenges, as you remove old skins, as you gain new perspectives of what used to bring you pain and sorrow.  Change is magical.  Life is enchanting.  All that you are blessed to be now and in your future is a Divine gift always present to tap into.  Life is good.  Life is a gift and no matter where you are at right here and now you can find gratitude for this life you are living, or choose to not see or experience the miracles that are ever so present for you now.

 All is a choice yet that won’t stop that which is flowing to you now.  So hop on-board this life of amazing and wonder, seek to find that which you dream and desire and never settle for anything less.  The moments keep flowing dear ones, make them your brightest and best ever.  Reach for the stars when it comes to creating your bigger picture and begin now to live this life of yours as if love is all there is.

 Bend, stretch and expand, reaching out for that star in the sky, for that rainbows pot-of-gold, for that ray of sunshine, for the abundance that awaits you now.  No limits to this new you that is coming to be as Heaven lives fully ignited within you, radiating outward the Light and Love of being you.

 Happy, joyous, emerging, blossoming, free-to-be you!

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