Focus on the “courage” in Serenity

What is courage?  Do we automatically have it?

 Courage is a formula coming from the desire of the Spirit to be free and to move forward, mixed with the humans need to “not give up’, to win and succeed.  Together you have courage.  Yet even as one may not be aware of their measure of courage, it is always readily available once sought after.  Courage is a silent, even unconscious development within your experience.  It will drive or propel you forward without a clear understanding of its natural workings.  It seems the mind musters it up and brings the thought “to be brave” forward.  It is then one can take their necessary actions of choice to complete what was previously obstructed by fear or doubt.

 Courage to change the things I can…well dear ones, in Truth you can always make changes even without the presence of courage, yet as you speak of “change” as a conscious knowing of its presence, it is then that most change will present some sort of fear attached to it; a natural response from most.  The mind grabs hold of what is about to be changed and thus creates its own version of what could be unfolding.

 Do you share doubts and fear readily amongst your peers and each other?  Of course you do, thus it is then your mind creates many versions of truth, or of what can or will transpire from change that is becoming present and obvious to ones consciousness.  Muster up some courage here; is that the answer to all your perceived obstacles?  Not even dear ones.  Yet know if the thought that courage is present it may bring you peace and thus assist in your flow of moving forward and uncovering what is truly needed and necessary during this time of your journey, and the many changes you are experiencing.

 Change is inevitable, so as you come to realize that you may look your fears and doubts in the face at numerous times along your journey, you find that there is much comfort and peace brought to your knowing that you can always find and tap into your infinite resource of courage along the way.  The rest is really quite simple; remove your resistance to any changes and allow your mind, heart and action the peaceful, serene flow of all that you come to encounter along your amazing journey.  It is then that you can count on your courage to be a gift you may just give another, to assist them in moving along their way.  Yes dear ones, sharing your courage with another is an even greater gift as it allows you both new found freedom and new life waiting to be lived; free to be in flowing , loving peace and serenity.

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