Change is MAGICAL!

Why do you think we say “butterflies are free”, dear ones?  Change is magical, all change, transformative from head to toes, heart to soul, body and Spirit; and as one is connected to the whole it is in the magical transformation that one can rely upon new-ness and freedom to always just be.  The caterpillar is already self-contained to transform into the butterfly, yet it does not just happen without the caterpillar taking the steps forward in preparation of its own transformation into a completely renewed being.  Your core remains a part of you wherever you go.  Why then would you look at transformational change as anything but magical?  You truly are never losing your “Self” only renewing and rejuvenating.

 Change becomes a way to bring you your next big adventure, a way to fulfill those dreams and desires, a way to let go of what no longer feels true to who you are.  By allowing your process of change to be magical you allow the magic to be present.  The scope of your change then becomes beyond your immediate world and opens into a grand range of choices and perspectives.  You will never feel stuck; you cannot find fear here in this process.  One can only find joy and delight as all that they are experiencing becomes wide open for pleasure and support.

 Our dear ones, your life path is but a small blip in your eternal travels.  To waste any of your precious moments lamenting in past sufferings, old anger or fears is only cheating your self, your being, out of every miracle that awaits your unfolding; that magical scene of your life called “change”.

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