Monthly Archives: June 2010

Relax! Release! Receive!

Fire up, change is here!  Believe in who you are.  You all have an important purpose.  There is a time and place for everything you are about to experience this lifetime.  Relax and let go of what that looks like.  Relax and respond to the call rather than create fear, worries or doubts in the confusion or chaos.

 Be kind to your self in every way.  Allow your being you its highest honors and respect, just as you would give another that you hold on a pedestal of adoration.  Be in your moments, aware and awake, vigilant to what you are presently experiencing.  All unfolds in its Divine time, dear ones.

 What are you drawn toward?  This is where alignment is coming to be.  This is your path calling you forward to enter into the unknown and to reveal the mysteries that await your coming to be.  Call out for help from your loving Guides and Angels as they await to be your guiding strength and support.  You are always safe, dear ones.  You are never alone.  Be steadfast now to what steps you are taking and know you are moving in the right direction to your call to be there.

 Living vs. dutiful.  Being vs. controlling.

 Prepare for the enfoldment.  It’s all in the process; it’s all in the enfoldment as one experience will end and a new one will begin; all connected to each other, all building off the other.

 Enjoy your life!  Make choices when they feel good to make and when it’s time to just wait you will do so at its Divine and right time. 

Enjoy, don’t let your self get lost in your gifted moments in time.  Be present for it all, as everything is a part of your amazing time in being you!


Living On Your Edge

Offer it up, let it go, move beyond whatever you are resisting or what is holding you back from living in fullness.  Don’t wait or hesitate.  Clear, clean decisive action is now necessary for the “amazing” to unfold in all ways, for you this lifetime.  Get your head out of the clouds and push the fog away from your eyes.  You are ready now to step forward, to transition into the “new”, into what is new for you.  Simply put, if today was your last day would you stay still and do nothing to find resolution and integration in your last 24 hours of time, or dear ones, would you celebrate your life, right where you are, with all that you now have around you, in full joy, love and gratitude for it all?

 Everything you have experienced up to this now moment brings you abundant blessings and growth to your being you this lifetime.  Nothing is ever wasted, yet understands that there is a time to hold on and a time to let go.  This “letting go” simply moves you forward into that which awaits you, into that which you have manifested all along.  Believing that you are able to move beyond your edge or any walls you have built around you is what becomes needed and necessary for you to make the changes real, to actualize all that you are sensing, feeling and knowing into new pathways and new directions for your travels and journey of your evolutionary process.

 What is your edge, you ask?  This is a point in your flow where there is a major resistance to forward movement.  Usually your edge was created from past experiences, even past lives.  It could be an edge or boundary you sent far ahead of yourself to prevent you from something you no longer wanted to experience.  Either way, you know when you reach this place of stepping out of you comfort zone and your soul knows the Truth of what has been placed in your way of forward movement.  Ask your soul, dear ones.  Go within and ask where you have placed these deep-heavy lines in your path of flow.  No longer does one need to obstruct their own flow, but rather move past these obstructions freely and fearlessly.  There will always be other obstructions down the way.  As you travel, you naturally find resistance with the mind being your lead resource.  Instead, start now to walk with your heart leading the way.  A bigger picture is always readily available with the heart calling out the directions and guiding words.  

 Yes, there is going to be a last day, someday, this is inevitable, yet know you are an eternal being and that this physical lifetime is meant to be fully lived, each and every moment of your time here, that is all that is being said here.  Remove anything that would be in your way now that would obstruct this Truth of living your life to its fullest; and know dear ones, everything is in its Divine time, even the moment you are taken to your edge becomes that moment to allow your self to become anew, to end that old chapter and start a new one.  Let go now and flow-with-the-grow of all that you are, as a beautiful light being created in the eyes of love.