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See Your Predicament as Your Breakthrough!

Why do you think it is called a crossroads, dear ones?  Is one way better than the other?  Not even the truth here.  Simply stopping along your path/journey, this is a time to find your grounded Truth once again, right here and now, verses the past or the future.  It is a point in time to take your temperature, so-to-speak, to assess and evaluate what it is you desire then come clean and honest with how you feel about all of what is available and present for you.  A time and place to formulate choices and release-undo doubt, worry or stress that has been compiled along the way.

 Yes, this very point becomes your breakthrough.  A point where mind, heart and action meet and come into a new alignment, for a new direction or course of new life chapters ready to be experienced.  Your breakthrough becomes a realization of which you are now, how you see yourself inside and out, how you feel about who you are and the life you have chosen thus far to experience and know.  It becomes a breaking down of the walls and old boundaries, like bursting through some kind of time warp and finding yourself again regenerated and renewed with self-love, new passions and vitality, and with a new vision. 

 Yes, this is the time that you find clarity; it is the answers coming forth at this very moment of breakthrough.  This moment is the call of your heart and the answer of your Infinite Spirit to that call; a call communicated and received as clear as clear could be.  Do you know this point spoken of here?  Yes indeed, you have all experienced this many times throughout your lifetime.  But clarity, you ask, how can this be clarity, when it seems more about confusion?  It’s a crossroads, thus doesn’t that mean different choices?  Of course it does, yet know that each and every choice is an answer to your prayer for answers to your predicaments.  It becomes a clear supply of responses to those prayers and questions surrounding your actual predicament.  One may not like what the answers or choices reveal, but none-the-less one can find their clarity of Truth at this very point in their road/journey.

 It is clear why it is said to love it all, that everything is good and beneficial along your life’s path, that there are always answers readily available along the way.  Clearly timing is key here; are you ready for what is about to be revealed to you?  Assuredly you are, dear ones, as once you reach your crossroad a decision will be made, even if that decision is to do nothing but to pull over off the path for a quaint retreat.

Free Yourself for the Revelation

Put your crown of stars on now dear ones, be in your full power of all that you are and designed to be(come).  Allow your full being to be inspired, receiving the Source-of-All through your open-clear channel within.  Beacons of Light you all are, rays of joy, illuminated by all that is good, as you’re Light within radiates out for the sharing with your world.

 You blink and breathe without a thought to what is taking place.  This is the same for your growth and evolution that takes place on a consistent basis. Even at a high resistance one is still flowing forward into their new; you are always at a delightful place to capture your now moments of wellbeing.  Where is your focus now?  Can you see what is being said here or do you feel all of life to be too complex to focus on its simplicity?  Be kind to yourselves as you are moving along just fine and dandy.  Become more of what it is you want to see, know and experience one step at a time; and know that the motion or movement you sense and feel will motivate you to make the changes you seek to find, have and embrace.  There’s no stopping you now, nothing is ever really in your way.

 If something communicated seems unimportant one will just by-pass it, just ignore the information, which actually flows to you at all times from a Higher Source.  Pay attention, listen now, dear ones, there is always wisdom coming your way.  Whether it makes sense now or later, there is always a reason for its coming forth to you at the time and place it does.  Trust in it all whether it is something you’d just by-pass or whether it is something profound and creating an “aha’ moment in time.  Let the path of communication be open and free for your reception, as you will always come to know its source of being, as the next moment evolves into your next shift of being you.

 Expect the unexpected at all times, leave room for the extraordinary and magical to come to life in your life, to become conscious of all that is readily seeking manifestation at that time of awareness.  What’s the hurry let it all unfold slowly, easily, and freely.  As you build in excitement and passion for its fruition you give heightened creative energies the boost and powers needed to synthesize a new “whole”.  Roll the dice once in a while, take a big leap into a void, or take a chance where you’d never think to allow yourself to go before.  All in day’s life dear ones, there’s room for everything that feels good.

 What’s inside you now that needs to come-to-be revealed outside?  Find that answer and you will only know how much more your life is waiting to offer you right here, right now!

There’s a Reason for Everything

Illumination… inspiration… where does it come from?  Is it an alignment to something Divine or simply an attraction to this or that?  Are there really unseen forces at work or are we always just living a solid form, practical life?  What is the Truth here?  Is there a mystery always to be unveiled in every experience or situation we entail?  Analysis, analyzing each step, checking it all out as you move along your marry life. 

 Do you enjoy finding answers dear ones, or does the seeking of what is hidden bring you excitement or even security?  Is there such a thing as just living to live without judgment, without having to know-it-all and just purely allowing life to be what it is in your present moments of time?  Very simply, it is what you want it to be.  Finding a reason for everything is a choice one can make as it brings you an expanded understanding to what you are presently experiencing, or what you had just experienced in some past time in your life.

 Finding a reason now is perfect, just as re-evaluating that reason later on.  Yes, dear ones, do you not see that as you look at a situation from today’s eyes and find your reason for it, it will be only as good as the understanding you have today.  Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a new you.  Some part of you is bound to shift, and with that shift new understanding comes to light.  Thus as you find a reason for that same situation you looked at yesterday, there will be a new understanding available for your expanded consciousness today.  Is one reason better than the other?  Again, that will fully become evident with your own understanding at the time you are seeking your reasons and reasoning’s. 

 All is what you desire to take part in.  Each situation brings you the opportunity to go deep, deep, deep within to find answers that you may long to know at that time.  Take all the time you need!  Excavate as deep as you want to go.  Even if you are feeling discomfort with your findings or your reasons, know that you are still making progress in your allowing the new understanding to be present.  It all is accommodating what you desire to know at that very time of your journey.

 Living, this is what you are doing, living your life, walking upon an amazing road of your existence.  The reasons all become evident at some point in your eternal journey and then there will always be new experiences and situations waiting your expert wisdom of heart.  Love it all, and then let it go.  It is in the detachment you will find all the reasoning you need to satisfy any of your minds curious nature.  A loving heart and spirit will explain it all!

The Ease of the Breeze!

The ease of the breeze, all that was once standing still becomes moved and shaken by the natural currents of the wind.  Nothing to do but just experience its driving force as it makes its way to and fro.  The pinwheel moves round and round without resistance as the blowing breeze gently moves across its paddles.  How are you moving dear ones?  Do you allow your being to be propelled forward by your hearts passions and joyous life moments?  Do you move freely with the winds of change as they blow your way gently reshaping your forward direction and creating new energies stirring within?

 Become one with all that is naturally unfolding for you now.  Awaken and be alert to what you are being offered by the “new’ that becomes clear now as you are allowing the experience to be experienced in every way possible.  Yes dear ones, new opportunities and potentials come to life as you live your life each moment to be the precious gift that it is.  Trusting in it ALL, believing in your worth and desire, to love who you are inside and out, exactly as you are, right here and now. 

 Become that dream that you are dreaming, be a part of that wish you are seeing as miraculous, come to know the real you, as you are always in the process of change and evolution; many new pieces to your bigger picture, to come to know and allow, then to re-shape your view or perspective.  A new focus, go for it!  A sense of wonder and enchantment, yes, experience it now!  A journey to another land, what are you waiting for?  Yes dear ones, what are you waiting for, what is it that you have allowed to ever hold you back from pure flow with what feels good for you?

 There’s no time like now and the winds of change are always blowing.  So what do you trust to be here for you?  Accept that it already is and come to “flow with the grow” of the moments you are blessed to live.  Alive and free to just be, you be you and me be me!

Realizing your Thread of Truth

Who you are is always ever changing and evolving.  Each step you take creates a new potential for becoming a-new, the delicate balance of all that surrounds you with all that you are experiencing becomes your unique life tapestry.  The threads that are sewn into the fabric of your life are always made to last, dear ones.  A thread can make a connection or create a strong-durable hold on your gathered life pieces.  Threads can be of value to your creations, to the strength and balancing of what is being synthesized, or to the fragments that are coming together to create a new whole. The threads of Truth are always what they are.  The colors, the textures, the many styles of stitching all play a part in the weaving process to what is being created at that time. 

 Your Light acts as your thread of Truth; as the Light is opened to shine upon what is needed and necessary for your weaving process, one can realize what is being actualized.   Not only are you given the illumination to what is being created, but you channel the Light of Divine Inspiration.  Now you have Light that is inspiring, Light that is creating and the Light of Truth that weaves it all into form; beautiful manifestation always dear ones.  One can never go wrong or be led astray in their making of their life’s tapestry.  Now, for the final touches of a light heart, a heart that is happy and joyful, a heart that is free to love; this dear one adds all the colorful extras to your beautiful work of creation.  The yellows, oranges, greens and blues all add vibrant threads of Truth to your days and all that you touch along the way becomes connected by your heart filled with joy and loving ways.

 The sun, moon and stars become Mother Natures Light, offering the world her threads of Truth to mix and mingle with your every step, your every wish, your every dream to come true.  Receive her blessings by making your thread connections to her beauty and natural way of being.  See her Light in all that she is, all that she offers without end to her giving nature.  Bless and shower yourselves with her golden Light of Divine remembering, of being a human upon her great lands and vast waters.  Come to know her threads of history that have been woven deep into her Earth body and soul.

 All is connected dear ones; all is one, intricately and divinely woven together by threads of Truth that you are all love…heart and soul!

What’s in Your Way of PURE Spontaneity?

Are you wound too tight?  Is too much planned and there’s not enough free-time or freedom to just let loose, to just move in a new direction, just because?  Excuses dear ones, all and any mind reasons to keep control over your own fears and doubts of purely allowing your life to flow freely.  Do you not feel and believe in your own instincts to drive your chariot down your life’s path?  If your life is booked solid by illusive appointments to show up, when can one come to realize and experience all that is fully taking place around them?  Many days go by and one keeps their time table appointed with activities, even distractions that serve of no interest what-so-ever to your core dreams and desires.  If one can let the light in to the grey areas, it is then that you may find the stillness and peace in having open space which to allow the unexpected to be there.  One can always find filler for their discomforts in having “nothing to do”.  Any excuse provides a reason to keep the fear of boredom out of your busy lives.

 Stop and take a look at your days dear ones.  What is it you would like to see more or less of?  What is no longer tasteful or feeling good to you?  What is stopping you from removing these distractions from your precious flow?  This can be done right here, right now.  The emptiness one can feel is just as important as what that gap is refilled with.  To get to know your emptiness allows one to expand into greater avenues and directions; to take the time to dream your dreams and fully experience your desires through visualizations, through the strong feelings and emotions that emerge from your igniting your passions and sparking your loving heart.  As you allow it is then that that you will draw to you, like a magnet on full power, all that waits to come to you in fulfillment of your desires and dreams; to help and assist in continuing to draw an even bigger picture of what you are presently seeking to know and experience.  All comes spontaneously, all comes as if you waved your wand of magic and created your dreams to come true.

 Yes dear ones, this whole process of spontaneity is simple when there is room for it to be present for you.  When ones daily time-table is already booked beginning to end anything else even remotely spontaneous will only create an imbalance.  Anything added in will feel like an extra burden and heaviness instead of its true light nature of manifesting your dreams and desires.  Yes, then the moments get lost to the why’s and the where’s of what is NOT present, when all along it all is simply waiting in line for its turn to bring you all that you desire and dream for.

 Spontaneity really isn’t a foreign act of invasion dear ones.  Instead see it as everything you are always seeking and waiting to unfold in all its glory at that very moment you allow it to be present in your life days.

The Naked Truth

Truth untainted, fact or fiction, fantasy or reality…what does “just being’ mean to you dear ones?  Does being uncloaked, open and vulnerable create fear within?  Are you walking your days fully open-hearted, loving, and alive and freely revealing your authentic way of who you are from the inside out?  What is to hide???

 There is no burden worth carrying around; full exposure in what is your Truth, in your now moments, this is how one can truly set themselves on the path of free-flow.  Propel yourselves forward with your own inner excitement and enthusiasm for living your amazing life.  So much awaits your coming-to-be in that moment in time, to show up in full Truth and a fully exposed expression of your being you.

 One comes to realize all that is to be actualized as you allow your being to experience new paths and new directions.  No need to see what is lacking or judged out of place; instead, fantasy is reality and dreams are what you are manifesting.  No separations exist between Heaven and Earth dear ones.  All becomes one, free, open and clear, full flowing channel of Love and Light, bringing new found joy all the way to your cellular make-up.  Your mind has no power to interfere when your Spirit is strong and leading the way.  It is then you are fully able to express all that you are unrestricted and unedited, just the naked Truth of you, heart and soul.

 There is no time like now to let loose and find your freedom in full revelation and expression of your core being.  Believe you are perfect exactly how you are right here and now, and then extend that Truth of thriving in your nakedness to another. Give that gift to all you meet and greet as the abundance of its flowing nature touches another…then another…then on and on and on…