What’s in Your Way of PURE Spontaneity?

Are you wound too tight?  Is too much planned and there’s not enough free-time or freedom to just let loose, to just move in a new direction, just because?  Excuses dear ones, all and any mind reasons to keep control over your own fears and doubts of purely allowing your life to flow freely.  Do you not feel and believe in your own instincts to drive your chariot down your life’s path?  If your life is booked solid by illusive appointments to show up, when can one come to realize and experience all that is fully taking place around them?  Many days go by and one keeps their time table appointed with activities, even distractions that serve of no interest what-so-ever to your core dreams and desires.  If one can let the light in to the grey areas, it is then that you may find the stillness and peace in having open space which to allow the unexpected to be there.  One can always find filler for their discomforts in having “nothing to do”.  Any excuse provides a reason to keep the fear of boredom out of your busy lives.

 Stop and take a look at your days dear ones.  What is it you would like to see more or less of?  What is no longer tasteful or feeling good to you?  What is stopping you from removing these distractions from your precious flow?  This can be done right here, right now.  The emptiness one can feel is just as important as what that gap is refilled with.  To get to know your emptiness allows one to expand into greater avenues and directions; to take the time to dream your dreams and fully experience your desires through visualizations, through the strong feelings and emotions that emerge from your igniting your passions and sparking your loving heart.  As you allow it is then that that you will draw to you, like a magnet on full power, all that waits to come to you in fulfillment of your desires and dreams; to help and assist in continuing to draw an even bigger picture of what you are presently seeking to know and experience.  All comes spontaneously, all comes as if you waved your wand of magic and created your dreams to come true.

 Yes dear ones, this whole process of spontaneity is simple when there is room for it to be present for you.  When ones daily time-table is already booked beginning to end anything else even remotely spontaneous will only create an imbalance.  Anything added in will feel like an extra burden and heaviness instead of its true light nature of manifesting your dreams and desires.  Yes, then the moments get lost to the why’s and the where’s of what is NOT present, when all along it all is simply waiting in line for its turn to bring you all that you desire and dream for.

 Spontaneity really isn’t a foreign act of invasion dear ones.  Instead see it as everything you are always seeking and waiting to unfold in all its glory at that very moment you allow it to be present in your life days.

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