The Ease of the Breeze!

The ease of the breeze, all that was once standing still becomes moved and shaken by the natural currents of the wind.  Nothing to do but just experience its driving force as it makes its way to and fro.  The pinwheel moves round and round without resistance as the blowing breeze gently moves across its paddles.  How are you moving dear ones?  Do you allow your being to be propelled forward by your hearts passions and joyous life moments?  Do you move freely with the winds of change as they blow your way gently reshaping your forward direction and creating new energies stirring within?

 Become one with all that is naturally unfolding for you now.  Awaken and be alert to what you are being offered by the “new’ that becomes clear now as you are allowing the experience to be experienced in every way possible.  Yes dear ones, new opportunities and potentials come to life as you live your life each moment to be the precious gift that it is.  Trusting in it ALL, believing in your worth and desire, to love who you are inside and out, exactly as you are, right here and now. 

 Become that dream that you are dreaming, be a part of that wish you are seeing as miraculous, come to know the real you, as you are always in the process of change and evolution; many new pieces to your bigger picture, to come to know and allow, then to re-shape your view or perspective.  A new focus, go for it!  A sense of wonder and enchantment, yes, experience it now!  A journey to another land, what are you waiting for?  Yes dear ones, what are you waiting for, what is it that you have allowed to ever hold you back from pure flow with what feels good for you?

 There’s no time like now and the winds of change are always blowing.  So what do you trust to be here for you?  Accept that it already is and come to “flow with the grow” of the moments you are blessed to live.  Alive and free to just be, you be you and me be me!

1 thought on “The Ease of the Breeze!

  1. nan

    They have been talking to me about the “ease of the breeze” for awhile now & when I saw this I knew it was for me! Especially with the torrent of wind yesterday & last night knocking down power lines & cooling our ever hot bedroom! What a refreshing wind of change! blows the cobwebs right out of your head! Thank you my divine messenger!! 🙂 much love n


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