There’s a Reason for Everything

Illumination… inspiration… where does it come from?  Is it an alignment to something Divine or simply an attraction to this or that?  Are there really unseen forces at work or are we always just living a solid form, practical life?  What is the Truth here?  Is there a mystery always to be unveiled in every experience or situation we entail?  Analysis, analyzing each step, checking it all out as you move along your marry life. 

 Do you enjoy finding answers dear ones, or does the seeking of what is hidden bring you excitement or even security?  Is there such a thing as just living to live without judgment, without having to know-it-all and just purely allowing life to be what it is in your present moments of time?  Very simply, it is what you want it to be.  Finding a reason for everything is a choice one can make as it brings you an expanded understanding to what you are presently experiencing, or what you had just experienced in some past time in your life.

 Finding a reason now is perfect, just as re-evaluating that reason later on.  Yes, dear ones, do you not see that as you look at a situation from today’s eyes and find your reason for it, it will be only as good as the understanding you have today.  Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a new you.  Some part of you is bound to shift, and with that shift new understanding comes to light.  Thus as you find a reason for that same situation you looked at yesterday, there will be a new understanding available for your expanded consciousness today.  Is one reason better than the other?  Again, that will fully become evident with your own understanding at the time you are seeking your reasons and reasoning’s. 

 All is what you desire to take part in.  Each situation brings you the opportunity to go deep, deep, deep within to find answers that you may long to know at that time.  Take all the time you need!  Excavate as deep as you want to go.  Even if you are feeling discomfort with your findings or your reasons, know that you are still making progress in your allowing the new understanding to be present.  It all is accommodating what you desire to know at that very time of your journey.

 Living, this is what you are doing, living your life, walking upon an amazing road of your existence.  The reasons all become evident at some point in your eternal journey and then there will always be new experiences and situations waiting your expert wisdom of heart.  Love it all, and then let it go.  It is in the detachment you will find all the reasoning you need to satisfy any of your minds curious nature.  A loving heart and spirit will explain it all!

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