See Your Predicament as Your Breakthrough!

Why do you think it is called a crossroads, dear ones?  Is one way better than the other?  Not even the truth here.  Simply stopping along your path/journey, this is a time to find your grounded Truth once again, right here and now, verses the past or the future.  It is a point in time to take your temperature, so-to-speak, to assess and evaluate what it is you desire then come clean and honest with how you feel about all of what is available and present for you.  A time and place to formulate choices and release-undo doubt, worry or stress that has been compiled along the way.

 Yes, this very point becomes your breakthrough.  A point where mind, heart and action meet and come into a new alignment, for a new direction or course of new life chapters ready to be experienced.  Your breakthrough becomes a realization of which you are now, how you see yourself inside and out, how you feel about who you are and the life you have chosen thus far to experience and know.  It becomes a breaking down of the walls and old boundaries, like bursting through some kind of time warp and finding yourself again regenerated and renewed with self-love, new passions and vitality, and with a new vision. 

 Yes, this is the time that you find clarity; it is the answers coming forth at this very moment of breakthrough.  This moment is the call of your heart and the answer of your Infinite Spirit to that call; a call communicated and received as clear as clear could be.  Do you know this point spoken of here?  Yes indeed, you have all experienced this many times throughout your lifetime.  But clarity, you ask, how can this be clarity, when it seems more about confusion?  It’s a crossroads, thus doesn’t that mean different choices?  Of course it does, yet know that each and every choice is an answer to your prayer for answers to your predicaments.  It becomes a clear supply of responses to those prayers and questions surrounding your actual predicament.  One may not like what the answers or choices reveal, but none-the-less one can find their clarity of Truth at this very point in their road/journey.

 It is clear why it is said to love it all, that everything is good and beneficial along your life’s path, that there are always answers readily available along the way.  Clearly timing is key here; are you ready for what is about to be revealed to you?  Assuredly you are, dear ones, as once you reach your crossroad a decision will be made, even if that decision is to do nothing but to pull over off the path for a quaint retreat.

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