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Nurturing Influence…to Deliverance

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zones, dear ones, to take a few risks or what one would call a leap of faith?  Why does moving forward and making changes have to feel like such a monumental effort?  How bad do you want your desire?  Do you even know what it is that you desire?  Most often than not you have a pretty good idea of what’s attempting to unfold, simply by the hundreds of ideas that flow through your head at any time?  Can you open your self up enough to let in the inspiring influence which is flowing to you and through you?

 Yes, influence, does this word send fear through you?  Do you feel that becoming open and vulnerable to your own call, to your own Truth, may create such a stir in your everyday life that you dare not let your self be influenced by your own thought process?  Do you feel fear in trusting your self to be prepared, ready and available, at any time, to face your thoughts and inspirations as they come to greet your call or desire?  Where have you given your power?  Have you set any notion of influence aside to only feel like you are still in control? 

 Control of what is then what we ask you?  To even attempt to keep your life in the same old-same old will only bring you more fear, doubt and dis-ease.  Desire comes from your core.  Desire is of the Spirit, to grow, to live, to evolve and to create an amazing life of all that is love; only love and joy to be you.  Sweet surrender is the key to your allowing this love to enter and to flow, to be received, and then shared.  Thus, this is your influence, this love is what drives you forward, motivates you, frees you to grow and evolve; frees you to be passionate about living and being who you are.  Once fully influenced moment-to-moment, it is then one is delivered a-new, reborn into a “whole” being of genuine innocence; and yes, more love flows, more compassion resonates, and more ease of just being comes to form.

 This form is you.  This is your deliverance.  This deliverance comes from the allowing of the full influence of your desires, to bring you thought, inspiration and ideas for creating your next new steps; healthy changes that keep you vital and alive in your next now moments of your very precious life.  Embrace your inspired thoughts, dear ones.  Let yourself embrace your power to manifest your best life ever.  It is always a choice; it is always your choices.  Take responsibility for the desires coming from your heart and Core Truth, and move yourself from mundane to deliverance.  Finish what you’ve started by bringing to form that which you are solely here to be and create.

How??…Cultivate Step-by-Step

Countdown, then take-off, there’s many stages before the rocket of your desire can reach the zone it is destined for.  The zone is the key here.  After all the meticulous actions and necessary steps to not only get off the ground, but also move into the direction of intention, still the rocket will not land in an exact specific spot; close will be it’s celebration, in the zone will work perfectly.  Yes dear ones, hitting the mark, the bulls-eye, still is the zone.  The small pin-sized head of the dart still has room to hit the mark, yet options are still available even in the smallest dot on the target.  Effective action will take you to that zone every time.  One cannot just sit on the fence and take action at the same time; so where your zone is must be your first thought to bring you to all that you desire in your creation now.

 Where is your focus?  To cultivate wheat is different than cultivating corn.  What is growing in your garden dear ones?  Do you have love, joy and riches or do you have chaos, lack, fear and doubt?  Once the fertilizer is placed upon your growing future harvest what will be enhanced and nourished?  More love, joy and prosperity or a garden full of nourished weeds, old decayed growth and dis-ease?  It is time to focus, to find your zone and fine tune into what is best for you, right here and now; not your past, not your future.  The zone falls into the now category, that means this season of your life, this chapter presently writing and creating.  The needs of your now and today will change tomorrow and are different than your needs of yesterday.

 What stage are you in to take flight?  Are you still in count down phase or maybe pre-check?  Hone in on what calls to you right now; what additions, deletions or adjustments are speaking loud and clear to you, which are needed and necessary, no matter what stage you are in?  Are you listening and vigilantly responding with effective action?  Yes, this means YOU!  Do you love yourself, every part of you, who you are right here and now, so as to effectively make progress and bring your dreams to life?  To harvest all that is ready now to be shared and experienced, then allow for new thoughts and ideas to be planted in your vacant fertile ground? 

 Cultivate with care dear ones, as your stages of life flow from one to the next.  Make your way to your zone of intention with keen awareness and adaptability, so not to miss a single moment’s outlay of glory.  Keep moving forward, clear the clutter, clear your way, fertilize your ground as you go and always keep your head high, with your eyes forward and focused on that mark, that zone, that is driving your passions and motivations to reach and experience it’s Nirvana.  Remove anything in your way with kindness and compassion, and come to realize the potentials now here and available with each step you take, to that which calls to you now.

With Your Faith Firm- See Now Through the Eyes of Your Soul

Yes dear ones, the sun does rise and set each and every day.  If one cannot see the sun’s rays because the clouds are hiding it, or that there is thick fog, does that mean there is not a sun or that there will never be sun shining again?  Hardly the truth!  Faith our dear ones, faith becomes a foundation to walk, to live, to breathe all of life, everything you encounter and experience.  Moment to moment your life is shifting and changing, some of which you expect and some which goes by unnoticed.  Yet know, that whether you are aware or unaware of what is occurring in your life, life is being life, life is offering you all that it can fully and wholeheartedly, in every way, shape, form and non-form. 

 Do you walk around with one eye open when you have two eyes that are fully capable of seeing?  Hardly unlikely, yet understand that even if you are going about your days with both eyes open and viable still there would be much missed by looking with the human eyes alone.  The soul, once allowed to participate in your vision quest, offers you a dimensional experience.  As one goes about their days awake and aware, vigilant to the moments they are experiencing, it is then you will not only see your experience but experience your experience; you will have your senses tuned in to high beams of awareness, and thus with each gaze, feel, sense and know the fullness of what is coming forth in that moment.

 Seeing with your soul dear ones creates an entire new picture to that which is visible to your naked eyes.  You experience depth and color, you feel and sense a new and different flow to the way things move about, scene to scene.  Yes, you experience such a depth that you sense and feel a firm foundation and certainty that you are a Divine Being, in the right place at the right time, all the time.  This certainty opens you up to ‘more”, which your inner core and soul immediately connects with, and jumps for joy.  This connection reinforces “more” certainty and confidence once again, and thus one is able to continue forward on their sacred path, frame for frame, exponentially gaining strength and joy from the depth of their experience, from their soul’s eyes, exposing all that is infinite, vast and deep.  Choices can be made here that are life enhancing, that are path altering.  Choices can be made from such an unshakable strength and confidence that whatever comes next is only invited to be there, as it is welcomed from the very core of your Knowing and Truth to be a part of your existent moment and framed scene.  “Holy rolling” is the definition of what is felt here.  Nothing in your way, you now become alive and free to continue down the path of “more’, the path of an expansive existence; and no harm done if the eyes of your soul become wider and wider.  This our dear ones, is an infinite process, thus one can find completion and wholeness as you roll along and allow the depth of your experience to be fully operative for you.

 Realize your potentials here then allow your life to only be viewed this way, as your faith in who you are will not lead you astray.  Heaven on Earth awaits your unveiling, see this now as your soul knows how.

To Get Something You’ve Never Had…

You must do something you’ve never done…

Answer the call…what gets your attention?  If one lives the same old, same old and moves about their day unaware to anything new, will they hear the call, the call to change, the call to renovate, the call to what is now available and new for their life’s experience?  Hardly, unlikely, one can easily miss the miracles, the signs or the messages by vigilantly being unaware of what is surrounding them.  Is this a wake-up call?  Yes, a wake-up call of sorts; instead see this as a time to roll with what your amazing life is unfolding for you now, a time to jump right in and feel a new vibration as you go about your day. 

 Once aligned to your new vibes it is then you are on your way to magical changes which are now readily received by your awareness and joy to experience them.  Lives can shift and change in a flash, yet know dear ones, that change happens long before it is recognized by your conscious mind.  You are always leading your way down the path of magical change, it is the natural process of your being, yet change is not always embraced or recognized because of the minds attachment to the past and the future, living and breathing your days as if everything is the same old, same old.

 Even when one declares the need to change or the desire to see change, change will still not become consciously available until fully recognized as coming to be.  Change must be expected and change must be embraced as an unknown, as a mystery to unravel, as something extraordinary and unlike anything you’ve seen, known or experienced before.  One must fully open to this, first and foremost, in order to fully receive what is new and now available for their life’s experience and powers-to-be.  Step right in, jump right in or fly right in, whatever feels right for you dear ones; either way you are crossing the old threshold of the old boundaries, the old barriers, the old blocks, doubts and fears and allowing your entire being, body and soul, to expand into unknowns fully and readily available for your alignment, for your full use in manifesting amazing magical changes. 

 All around you will shift and align once change and “new” is accepted freely to be there.  Like a ripple effect you will begin to see new horizons, new perspectives and most importantly, what no longer is needed and necessary to hang on to.  A freedom and liberation in every way, from all directions and dimensions, and thus for what feels like the first time again, you are able to experience the new in all its abundance and in full awareness, that you have made the shift, you have succeeded to progress and evolve into your Highest and Best life, ever!

Defining your Creative Side

The heart beats, keeping its own independent rhythm and rhyme.  Each one of you has an individual path, an individual-unique rhythm and rhyme.  The way you move through your life is yours and yours alone.  A gift you are to this world, to the masses and to all those that surround you now.  As you tap into your gifts and talents this lifetime you come to know the abundant resources that are readily available, all which are yours and yours alone, all available to assist you along your amazing path you consistently create as you move forward in progress.

 Dear ones, what would ever stop you from creating all that you dream and desire?  What would ever be allowed to be in your way of manifesting and creating all that you came here to know and experience this lifetime?  If this life is yours and yours alone, is that not reason enough to fully embrace all that you are; to unveil and express each delicate and delicious, strong and magnificent aspect of your being?  When one comes to realize their significance in the scheme of the Bigger Picture, and how each one of us is connected to each other, it is then an even deeper understanding can come to be realized of the significance and importance in you’re being created at this time and place, upon this planet.

 There is no time but now and spontaneity is your key tool to living, breathing and experiencing your unique role in the process of creation.  Allow your self to be available, to be open and vulnerable to the call, as you are moved by the Source-of-All to show up right then and there, and be a part of this Bigger Picture being created for the “whole”, for the masses and most of all, for you dear ones.  Shake, rattle and roll with the design and the unevenness of what is being created or coming together at this time for you.  Leap right in; take big risks that you’d never known to experience before this time and place.  This is the time, and the powerful energy that surrounds you now, completely and wholeheartedly, supports this growth of your individual and unique nature.  Blend in or stand apart, either way you will not be alone but will be a defined, extraordinary piece of a greater picture soon to be revealed to you. 

 Yes, in hindsight dear ones, you can come to realize the major significance of your unique role in creation; yet know if today was your last day there would only be now, and it is now the time to answer the call to be you, to be all of you, heart and soul and everything in-between!

Discover What is Deep and What is Surface Within You

All change eventually reaches the depth of your being, dear ones.  What you see with your eyes alone is but a piece of the total transformation occurring at the depths of your being.  Why is this even important you might ask?  Simply put, what one becomes aware of , as to what is being experienced externally, as well as internally, it is then that you are able to fully come to know all that has come new to being available to you, as well as all that can now be let go of as it no longer is needed or necessary.

 Your depth in your awareness becomes a key element to one fully embracing all that they are, on the surface, as well as the internal structure and on-goings.  One comes to realize that everything you perceive on your outside, or even at your surface levels, is but a reflection of what you feel and know or are experiencing deep within your being.  As one becomes more tuned in to their own depths of their being you can realize the infinite nature of those depths within and thus dig a little deeper, or excavate a little more, to seek within and uncover the unknowns, the mysteries awaiting your revelation.

 A joy in the finding process always dear ones, like discovering the gold while panning the river.  Discovering the authentic and genuine nuggets of Truth, you’re Truth, which bridge the gaps you have longed to find the answers for.  To assist in your new creations and manifestations of deep inner dreams and desires ready to be fully experienced, ready to present their gifts of growth and lessons of self realization.  Easy does it, excavating can take time, yet know that once started, the surface will be affected at its foundation, as the old forms and structures created in the past are now being renewed or dismantled for renovation.

 The core will always be there.  Your core Self is always present as the hub of your being.  Your core will always remain your constant, your consistent aspect of who you are.  Thus dear ones, you can not lose yourself in this process of change and transformation.  You will only recreate and realign with this deep aspect of who you are, this Highest and Best of who you are, thus constantly able to experience life’s joy and bliss of magical-loving change.  To experience only the “amazing” and the “extraordinary” every time, from the surface of your being all the way to its infinite-eternal depths.

 The love of the Self always being your end result, propelling you forward for more excavating…..enjoy!

The Answer is Always Near!

On bended knee we pray, we plead, we ask for answers, for direction, for guidance to that which perplexes our mind thoughts, our choices or decisions we feel are needed and necessary at that moment in time.  Yet dear ones, do we listen, do we stop the mind chatter and frustration and just open up to the answers coming forth?  Not always an easy task since one can become so engrossed in their plea for help and demands for revelation, to ease their pain and suffering from the present predicament or mind conflict taking place.

 Listen dear ones, stop and listen as the answers can only come from that moment, can only come from deep within your heart-felt Truth and knowing of your Truth, that Truth that is yours to be revealed directly and assuredly to your conscious being.  How can this be the answer or answers I seek, you ask?  How can this be the moment where clarity can come forth when all I am feeling and knowing is pain and/or confusion?  One must stop right where they are and tune in to that perfect part of your Self, that part of you where only love is present and flowing freely; that place deep within that once you’ve stopped to seek it you will only be led directly to that love channel, to then listen for the response to the call of your pleas and desires for the answers.

 Yes listen, then absorb all that you receive, every response is an answer, all applies, even that which you are not likely to enjoy hearing as a response.  All applies dear ones; remember that always, it is the key here to the Divine intervention offering you clarity and Truth to your predicament.  Yes clarity, clarity comes at the moment one opens to listen.  The answer or answers are always readily available, just be available to fully listen without judgment, without response, without holding anything back.  Remember it all applies.

 It all applies dear ones!  You will not question your clarity once you trust it is already present and available, thus one can be certain only joy will come from listening.