Discover What is Deep and What is Surface Within You

All change eventually reaches the depth of your being, dear ones.  What you see with your eyes alone is but a piece of the total transformation occurring at the depths of your being.  Why is this even important you might ask?  Simply put, what one becomes aware of , as to what is being experienced externally, as well as internally, it is then that you are able to fully come to know all that has come new to being available to you, as well as all that can now be let go of as it no longer is needed or necessary.

 Your depth in your awareness becomes a key element to one fully embracing all that they are, on the surface, as well as the internal structure and on-goings.  One comes to realize that everything you perceive on your outside, or even at your surface levels, is but a reflection of what you feel and know or are experiencing deep within your being.  As one becomes more tuned in to their own depths of their being you can realize the infinite nature of those depths within and thus dig a little deeper, or excavate a little more, to seek within and uncover the unknowns, the mysteries awaiting your revelation.

 A joy in the finding process always dear ones, like discovering the gold while panning the river.  Discovering the authentic and genuine nuggets of Truth, you’re Truth, which bridge the gaps you have longed to find the answers for.  To assist in your new creations and manifestations of deep inner dreams and desires ready to be fully experienced, ready to present their gifts of growth and lessons of self realization.  Easy does it, excavating can take time, yet know that once started, the surface will be affected at its foundation, as the old forms and structures created in the past are now being renewed or dismantled for renovation.

 The core will always be there.  Your core Self is always present as the hub of your being.  Your core will always remain your constant, your consistent aspect of who you are.  Thus dear ones, you can not lose yourself in this process of change and transformation.  You will only recreate and realign with this deep aspect of who you are, this Highest and Best of who you are, thus constantly able to experience life’s joy and bliss of magical-loving change.  To experience only the “amazing” and the “extraordinary” every time, from the surface of your being all the way to its infinite-eternal depths.

 The love of the Self always being your end result, propelling you forward for more excavating…..enjoy!

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