Defining your Creative Side

The heart beats, keeping its own independent rhythm and rhyme.  Each one of you has an individual path, an individual-unique rhythm and rhyme.  The way you move through your life is yours and yours alone.  A gift you are to this world, to the masses and to all those that surround you now.  As you tap into your gifts and talents this lifetime you come to know the abundant resources that are readily available, all which are yours and yours alone, all available to assist you along your amazing path you consistently create as you move forward in progress.

 Dear ones, what would ever stop you from creating all that you dream and desire?  What would ever be allowed to be in your way of manifesting and creating all that you came here to know and experience this lifetime?  If this life is yours and yours alone, is that not reason enough to fully embrace all that you are; to unveil and express each delicate and delicious, strong and magnificent aspect of your being?  When one comes to realize their significance in the scheme of the Bigger Picture, and how each one of us is connected to each other, it is then an even deeper understanding can come to be realized of the significance and importance in you’re being created at this time and place, upon this planet.

 There is no time but now and spontaneity is your key tool to living, breathing and experiencing your unique role in the process of creation.  Allow your self to be available, to be open and vulnerable to the call, as you are moved by the Source-of-All to show up right then and there, and be a part of this Bigger Picture being created for the “whole”, for the masses and most of all, for you dear ones.  Shake, rattle and roll with the design and the unevenness of what is being created or coming together at this time for you.  Leap right in; take big risks that you’d never known to experience before this time and place.  This is the time, and the powerful energy that surrounds you now, completely and wholeheartedly, supports this growth of your individual and unique nature.  Blend in or stand apart, either way you will not be alone but will be a defined, extraordinary piece of a greater picture soon to be revealed to you. 

 Yes, in hindsight dear ones, you can come to realize the major significance of your unique role in creation; yet know if today was your last day there would only be now, and it is now the time to answer the call to be you, to be all of you, heart and soul and everything in-between!

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