To Get Something You’ve Never Had…

You must do something you’ve never done…

Answer the call…what gets your attention?  If one lives the same old, same old and moves about their day unaware to anything new, will they hear the call, the call to change, the call to renovate, the call to what is now available and new for their life’s experience?  Hardly, unlikely, one can easily miss the miracles, the signs or the messages by vigilantly being unaware of what is surrounding them.  Is this a wake-up call?  Yes, a wake-up call of sorts; instead see this as a time to roll with what your amazing life is unfolding for you now, a time to jump right in and feel a new vibration as you go about your day. 

 Once aligned to your new vibes it is then you are on your way to magical changes which are now readily received by your awareness and joy to experience them.  Lives can shift and change in a flash, yet know dear ones, that change happens long before it is recognized by your conscious mind.  You are always leading your way down the path of magical change, it is the natural process of your being, yet change is not always embraced or recognized because of the minds attachment to the past and the future, living and breathing your days as if everything is the same old, same old.

 Even when one declares the need to change or the desire to see change, change will still not become consciously available until fully recognized as coming to be.  Change must be expected and change must be embraced as an unknown, as a mystery to unravel, as something extraordinary and unlike anything you’ve seen, known or experienced before.  One must fully open to this, first and foremost, in order to fully receive what is new and now available for their life’s experience and powers-to-be.  Step right in, jump right in or fly right in, whatever feels right for you dear ones; either way you are crossing the old threshold of the old boundaries, the old barriers, the old blocks, doubts and fears and allowing your entire being, body and soul, to expand into unknowns fully and readily available for your alignment, for your full use in manifesting amazing magical changes. 

 All around you will shift and align once change and “new” is accepted freely to be there.  Like a ripple effect you will begin to see new horizons, new perspectives and most importantly, what no longer is needed and necessary to hang on to.  A freedom and liberation in every way, from all directions and dimensions, and thus for what feels like the first time again, you are able to experience the new in all its abundance and in full awareness, that you have made the shift, you have succeeded to progress and evolve into your Highest and Best life, ever!

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