With Your Faith Firm- See Now Through the Eyes of Your Soul

Yes dear ones, the sun does rise and set each and every day.  If one cannot see the sun’s rays because the clouds are hiding it, or that there is thick fog, does that mean there is not a sun or that there will never be sun shining again?  Hardly the truth!  Faith our dear ones, faith becomes a foundation to walk, to live, to breathe all of life, everything you encounter and experience.  Moment to moment your life is shifting and changing, some of which you expect and some which goes by unnoticed.  Yet know, that whether you are aware or unaware of what is occurring in your life, life is being life, life is offering you all that it can fully and wholeheartedly, in every way, shape, form and non-form. 

 Do you walk around with one eye open when you have two eyes that are fully capable of seeing?  Hardly unlikely, yet understand that even if you are going about your days with both eyes open and viable still there would be much missed by looking with the human eyes alone.  The soul, once allowed to participate in your vision quest, offers you a dimensional experience.  As one goes about their days awake and aware, vigilant to the moments they are experiencing, it is then you will not only see your experience but experience your experience; you will have your senses tuned in to high beams of awareness, and thus with each gaze, feel, sense and know the fullness of what is coming forth in that moment.

 Seeing with your soul dear ones creates an entire new picture to that which is visible to your naked eyes.  You experience depth and color, you feel and sense a new and different flow to the way things move about, scene to scene.  Yes, you experience such a depth that you sense and feel a firm foundation and certainty that you are a Divine Being, in the right place at the right time, all the time.  This certainty opens you up to ‘more”, which your inner core and soul immediately connects with, and jumps for joy.  This connection reinforces “more” certainty and confidence once again, and thus one is able to continue forward on their sacred path, frame for frame, exponentially gaining strength and joy from the depth of their experience, from their soul’s eyes, exposing all that is infinite, vast and deep.  Choices can be made here that are life enhancing, that are path altering.  Choices can be made from such an unshakable strength and confidence that whatever comes next is only invited to be there, as it is welcomed from the very core of your Knowing and Truth to be a part of your existent moment and framed scene.  “Holy rolling” is the definition of what is felt here.  Nothing in your way, you now become alive and free to continue down the path of “more’, the path of an expansive existence; and no harm done if the eyes of your soul become wider and wider.  This our dear ones, is an infinite process, thus one can find completion and wholeness as you roll along and allow the depth of your experience to be fully operative for you.

 Realize your potentials here then allow your life to only be viewed this way, as your faith in who you are will not lead you astray.  Heaven on Earth awaits your unveiling, see this now as your soul knows how.

3 thoughts on “With Your Faith Firm- See Now Through the Eyes of Your Soul

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