How??…Cultivate Step-by-Step

Countdown, then take-off, there’s many stages before the rocket of your desire can reach the zone it is destined for.  The zone is the key here.  After all the meticulous actions and necessary steps to not only get off the ground, but also move into the direction of intention, still the rocket will not land in an exact specific spot; close will be it’s celebration, in the zone will work perfectly.  Yes dear ones, hitting the mark, the bulls-eye, still is the zone.  The small pin-sized head of the dart still has room to hit the mark, yet options are still available even in the smallest dot on the target.  Effective action will take you to that zone every time.  One cannot just sit on the fence and take action at the same time; so where your zone is must be your first thought to bring you to all that you desire in your creation now.

 Where is your focus?  To cultivate wheat is different than cultivating corn.  What is growing in your garden dear ones?  Do you have love, joy and riches or do you have chaos, lack, fear and doubt?  Once the fertilizer is placed upon your growing future harvest what will be enhanced and nourished?  More love, joy and prosperity or a garden full of nourished weeds, old decayed growth and dis-ease?  It is time to focus, to find your zone and fine tune into what is best for you, right here and now; not your past, not your future.  The zone falls into the now category, that means this season of your life, this chapter presently writing and creating.  The needs of your now and today will change tomorrow and are different than your needs of yesterday.

 What stage are you in to take flight?  Are you still in count down phase or maybe pre-check?  Hone in on what calls to you right now; what additions, deletions or adjustments are speaking loud and clear to you, which are needed and necessary, no matter what stage you are in?  Are you listening and vigilantly responding with effective action?  Yes, this means YOU!  Do you love yourself, every part of you, who you are right here and now, so as to effectively make progress and bring your dreams to life?  To harvest all that is ready now to be shared and experienced, then allow for new thoughts and ideas to be planted in your vacant fertile ground? 

 Cultivate with care dear ones, as your stages of life flow from one to the next.  Make your way to your zone of intention with keen awareness and adaptability, so not to miss a single moment’s outlay of glory.  Keep moving forward, clear the clutter, clear your way, fertilize your ground as you go and always keep your head high, with your eyes forward and focused on that mark, that zone, that is driving your passions and motivations to reach and experience it’s Nirvana.  Remove anything in your way with kindness and compassion, and come to realize the potentials now here and available with each step you take, to that which calls to you now.

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