Nurturing Influence…to Deliverance

Are you willing to step out of your comfort zones, dear ones, to take a few risks or what one would call a leap of faith?  Why does moving forward and making changes have to feel like such a monumental effort?  How bad do you want your desire?  Do you even know what it is that you desire?  Most often than not you have a pretty good idea of what’s attempting to unfold, simply by the hundreds of ideas that flow through your head at any time?  Can you open your self up enough to let in the inspiring influence which is flowing to you and through you?

 Yes, influence, does this word send fear through you?  Do you feel that becoming open and vulnerable to your own call, to your own Truth, may create such a stir in your everyday life that you dare not let your self be influenced by your own thought process?  Do you feel fear in trusting your self to be prepared, ready and available, at any time, to face your thoughts and inspirations as they come to greet your call or desire?  Where have you given your power?  Have you set any notion of influence aside to only feel like you are still in control? 

 Control of what is then what we ask you?  To even attempt to keep your life in the same old-same old will only bring you more fear, doubt and dis-ease.  Desire comes from your core.  Desire is of the Spirit, to grow, to live, to evolve and to create an amazing life of all that is love; only love and joy to be you.  Sweet surrender is the key to your allowing this love to enter and to flow, to be received, and then shared.  Thus, this is your influence, this love is what drives you forward, motivates you, frees you to grow and evolve; frees you to be passionate about living and being who you are.  Once fully influenced moment-to-moment, it is then one is delivered a-new, reborn into a “whole” being of genuine innocence; and yes, more love flows, more compassion resonates, and more ease of just being comes to form.

 This form is you.  This is your deliverance.  This deliverance comes from the allowing of the full influence of your desires, to bring you thought, inspiration and ideas for creating your next new steps; healthy changes that keep you vital and alive in your next now moments of your very precious life.  Embrace your inspired thoughts, dear ones.  Let yourself embrace your power to manifest your best life ever.  It is always a choice; it is always your choices.  Take responsibility for the desires coming from your heart and Core Truth, and move yourself from mundane to deliverance.  Finish what you’ve started by bringing to form that which you are solely here to be and create.

2 thoughts on “Nurturing Influence…to Deliverance

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