The decision is made now, move on, move forward confident, strong and open in Spirit.  This is your commitment, your loyalty to you, your-self, your path, your evolving journey and unveiling of all that waits your stepping into this new.  Stepping in, yes, step-by-step is what keeps you flowing as you are easily able to find alignment to what it is you are stepping into. 

 Step-by-step allows you to step in, with your self intact with your passions, your desires and your dreams fully a part of each step you take.  You are now committed to the follow-through; the big steps of unfolding all that can now be made real and into form, by your steps, stepping, step-by-step into the new.  Full commitment leaves no room for fears or doubts.  It is not to say that these energies will not make their mad attempt to penetrate your stepping, yet with a strong focus of intention and a confident approach to your loyalty to what you have committed to, the only energies that will prevail are those that will fully support your steps, step-by-step, as you step into your new. 

 “Proceed”!  Yes dear ones, such a demand or a controlling type of order, yet know “proceed” is validation of where you are already going.  “Proceed” will renew and regenerate your belief in your steps you are taking.  “Proceed” will allow you to remove the mind’s over-analyzing and let your heart lead the way.  “Proceed” gives your instincts and intuition permission to kick in on full power and thus your steps begin to feel lighter, freer and easier than ever before.  You remove all encumbrances, all burdens, and all obstacles, simply by acknowledging you’re self to “proceed”!  That is all, simple easy, one word supporting the entire process of your movement into change, into your life’s wishes, desires and dreams, movement that inspires your next steps, movement that brings joy to your entire being.

 “Proceed”, dear ones, move on now, remain focused and don’t look back; forward, only forward, committed to that next step you are ready to take now, then now again, then now again.  Liberated in your own commitment, a dichotomy, yes, but one that is synthesized then synergized by its opposing forces.  For as one hears “proceed”, one is liberated, and as one is liberated those new next steps come easily in a rhythm all their own, fully committed to taking you right where you need to be, right where your heart intended all along.  Oh, what joy, oh, what abundant joy is yours now and forever more, step-by-step!

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