Claim Your Individuality!

If I make changes in my “knowing” and yet no one else seems to understand, does it make a difference?

Dear ones, claim your ground, claim your individuality, your “special”-perfection of being you.  There is only one you, no other, not even close, and not even possible.  One is always seeking after similarities, as you look around to find your similarities with others, to seek the best group or the best community for you.  Feeling separated because of your own uniqueness creates anxiety, worry or even sadness.  Why would this be so?  What does it mean to you to realize the importance of your claiming your individuality, your individual path and purpose?  What does it take to understand the importance in each and every one of you to show up in your own unique way?  Do you not see that no matter what you may perceive, you can never be separated from the “whole”?  You already are that part of the “whole” and that cannot be severed, other than by your own mind’s illusive thoughts and perceptions.

 The Truth remains the Truth, and you remain part of the Truth, as part of the “whole”, yet this special part you inhabit is yours and yours alone.  Your piece of the “whole” can only be filled with your resources, your gifts and talents, your perspectives, and your experiences; your unique contribution to what is being created by the “whole” (or all the part together as one).  Denial here will cause a separation experience, feelings of loss, lack and depression.  Never is this to be entertained, even for a moment, as even the slightest feeding of such sabotaging ways will shift the entire “whole”  Yes, dear ones, it shifts the world.  Your slightest moves and changes in what you allow or not allow, will affect every part of the “whole”, starting with you then rippling out into the masses.  Yes, there are many of you all at once shifting this one-mass “whole” or entirety, yet know that as you become more aware of what is outside of you, it is then you can come to a consciousness of how deep this can go (in way) of affect on the masses.  Since all are individually moving, shifting and changing at once, at any point in time you may touch someone new, which had never been in your range of consciousness before that time.  Once realized, new patterns and new shifts can take place as a direct result to action in awareness, and thus, you come to realize that the smallest shift in the present moment can create a grand shift from its rippled affect, down the way into the future.  These are shifts and changes that you would have no way of consciously knowing or understanding their deep affect at the time the first small, or slightest, shift occurred.

 This becomes your awareness now.  This becomes what is part of your purpose as an individual, living and breathing your unique role in this lifetime.  Realize now dear ones; every cell of your being is important to the “whole”.  Come now and claim your holy sacred ground that you are blessed to walk and serve in your Highest and Best.  Do not become lazy here, for even a moment, as to your importance to the “whole”, to the masses to which you are innately connected at-one-with.  Bless your Truth here, honor who you are as you live and breathe who you are, and why you are here at this time.  Allow it all to be present for you, as that is the Truth in this massive grand wholeness of “one”, “one” made up of many, of Truth, Light and perfection, just as you are individually in your being you.  No settling for anything less than all of you, fully present!

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