Expose and Penetrate the Harmony Around You!

Follow through and allow yourself to be led right where you need to be, no resistance.  Believe in your powers to move in the right direction, simply knowing that it is the right direction, at the time you are making your steps in the direction of your choosing.  What is “hesitation” anyway?  Is this not a way to bring doubt or confusion in to your beautiful picture being created?  Once decided, a focus becomes your draw toward where you are going, and that draw forward deserves all of your faith and trust in where you are being fully guided and supported forward.

 Dear ones, harmony is an easy way to live, to breathe and to produce all that it is you desire to be available for you.  If one expects a harmonious accord with all that they are experiencing, it is then that harmony becomes available, with all certainty of its presence.  One must know harmony to experience it in fullness.  Allowing and accepting you’re now moments as enriched with everything you could ever need is the first step.  Then, with your keen awareness and focus on you making your steps forward, it is then you can, and will, come to realize the harmonious nature present to assist you in accessing all that you may need along your way forward.  Once penetrated, harmony brings you fully into a balanced and centered state of mind, which then works to assist you in choices and decisions that are only ultimate and beneficial to your wellbeing.  You see there is only one way to experience a beautiful freedom of harmonious accord, and that is to know it is always readily available for your access; as your focus remains clear and strong on your direction forward.

 There is only Truth present in this; never can doubt, mistrust or manipulation be present in the same vibration as one that is in harmony.  Remaining in alignment to your Truth and desires will keep you in harmonious accord with the very path needed to take you right where you need to be.  Thus dear ones remain faithful to your hearts desires, to your Truth within, to the call to your being that only feels right and true for you.  Stay with the knowing of your Truth inside as it will speak loud and clear through you and your senses, giving you clear navigation through all your twists and turns. 

 Yes, you can have this harmonious state of being at all times, and know that the only one who can change this beautiful state of flow is you, only you; as you allow so shall it be yours.  Onward now, move on and allow your self to find that place of peaceful flow!  A joyful deliverance….easy does it!

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