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Vulnerability: Trusting Our Innocence

Be open, be free dear ones.  There are so many ways to look at your world, there are so many choices for options in which to live and breathe your life.  The best part is that you get to choose what it is that you would like to experience.  Simply let it all in, yes, one must be open and freely accept all that has come to their beck and call.  Even knowing that chaos and fear may loom around you, if one is at peace and flowing their Light and Love, then it is only beauty you will experience from opening up to that which has come to greet you.  Be friends with it all, remove all judgment to what is taking place and begin to fully feel your inner senses assisting you in what is now being created for you to have, to hold and to fully embrace in the experience of it “all”.  There will always be yin and yang, opposites and paradoxes, yet these do not need to create a negative feeling or experience for you.  Rather, as you embrace it all in Love and Light you will can only create a delightful experience.  As the opposites blend and come to a balance, you are actually creating a new blend of Higher goodness and wellbeing, since from this mixture comes new energies and new perspectives.

Open up now to this new phase for you, to return to your innocence untainted by maturity’s limitations of the “should’s” and “should not’s”.  Removed are the balls and chains of the past, the heavy burdens from our over-dominant ego and our mind’s control over what is what.  Yes dear ones, innocence means liberated and even in this “liberated being-ness” your evolved discernment will assist your choices in your allowing, what it is that is right and good for you.

Trust will be what one will need throughout any lifetime, yet one cannot develop their own strength in purely allowing if one does not open to the “all” of their own experience and process.  Being vulnerable lets this happen, it allows your Spirit to be free and it removes the burden of controlling that which wants to freely be a part of you now.  So, without hesitation, doubt or fear remove whatever is blocking your freedom here to fully be in your pure state of innocence, with an open heart giving and receiving love, easily and effortlessly; no measurements needed!

Visualize the Invisible Power of Love

The union of heart and mind equal love, love of self and/or love of another.  Allow the full influence of love’s magnificence to be present, to be melded one with your entire being.  Open fully to receive all that is flowing forth, then flow it out to share it, as it has now been transformed and expanded, with your processing of it, to you and through you.  Yes dear ones, each time you let love in you are shifted and changed by its magical unseen forces, its powers of inspiration and uplifting.  It is then that the love flowing within is also changed, transformed, enhanced and renewed by your own internal processing, before it is then flowed out, released into the universe for whoever may be present to receive it.  Yes, even a stranger can receive your beautiful flowing love.  It is a powerful force that can be received by any and all who is at the same vibration and open to receive its flowing goodness, beauty and wellbeing.  It is how love is present for all, everyone, in any situation; no exceptions, no exclusions. All are potential candidates for a love connection, to fill their beings with loves eternal potency of revitalizing energy.

 When love is visualized a smile of joy and happiness becomes visible, as the physical body responds favorably to loves presence.  Even if one is uncertain of what love is, they will still encounter a positive physical response once they open and receive it, simply by letting it in.  Remove all resistance to love, all fears or doubts around love, all old past painful memories about love, even all expectations of what love is.  Simply let love be what it is for you; fully allow your response to love to be unlimited, unrestricted and undefined in any way.  Believe in your worth, your value as a beautiful creation of love; that you already are love.  Thus each and every time you look into a mirror, or into a reflection of your self, see this being as love, all love, head to toe, heart and soul and everything in-between.  Not one cell of your amazing being is without love, or separate from love.  All is one working and flowing together fully aligned and integrated with the power of love, eternally and forever more, expanding and exalting in all its glorious presence!

 Remember, as much as you allow, will be the measure of your experience.

Trust Your Inner Promptings Arousing You Within

Follow your senses, follow your heart, allow your self to lead you, to lead the way to what calls to you now.  Yes, like a telephone ringing, answer the call dear ones; the call of your hearts desire to create and manifest your best life ever.  No need to know how, this will come about or unfold; simply just answer the call of the direction needed that is aroused within.  Arousal is felt and emits a direction of response, like an alarm clock ringing to wake you up to a new awareness and a new understanding, of what is now readily available.  Trust that this is the moment to do so; this is the time to rise up and answer the call of your being to come forth in its fullness, and newly awakened state of awareness!

 The “trust” becomes the necessary resource to fulfillment of your desires, to bring about that which is needed and necessary to complete the actualization process, and to find the joy of accessing what is now in form and readily available to experience.  Rejoice in your allowing of on-going promptings and moments of arousal, as this is your gift of creative powers.  Yes dear ones, your gift, your unique gift, your individual way of bringing forth that which you desire to create.  Each desire is inspired by your own attracting and need of what is being desired.  This is your piece of the puzzle you are offering to the “whole” “bigger picture”, to uniquely add that piece that only you can add; there is no other like you

 So with your head held high and your heart wide open flow your inner promptings to their outer fruition of form; and trust the importance and value of each one, as they are rocketed from arousal to completion!

Nurturing Reassurance

There are many choices available, always, dear ones, why ever limit your self to just one?  Do you not believe that you can step out and actually find other ways to be, other ways to do things, or new ways to look at your world around you?  You are in a vast, open spacious environment; your life is full of opportunities and potentials.  Does just settling for the same-old mundane really bring you peace and happiness?  Undoubtedly, you are a being of creation, of change and growth, built to thrive in change and flow in the swirls of energetic processes.  Believing in this as your avenue to everything you desire is where most stop short and nearly experience much of their life’s expansiveness. 

 The uncertainty in your decision process robs you of a fullness you came here to learn and know.  Remove this uncertainty, the doubts and fears of change and begin to feed your process of growth and evolution.  Nourish your self with Light in understanding, knowledge and wisdom of experiencing your life, fully and whole-heartedly.  Stop and quiet your self to allow your dreams to come forth, to bring you your expanded versions of mundane and life’s visions of what could be manifested with a little faith and focus.  What are you waiting for?  Quiet your self and listen to your inner voice, that which lovingly guides and directs you on to new pathways, in new directions, new experiences, and new relationships.  Trust in your guidance system within to lead you to all that your heart so desires.  Trust your way of moving through your life, whether it is in a grand dynamic way, or a simple style of poise and grace.  No matter, your trusting and allowing nurture your next steps, and as you take those next steps, you are reassured of your powers and resources within to carry you in any direction you decide to go.

 Decide to decide, and you have just made one step in moving forward toward that unfolding magical change.  New options and choices come with each new step you take, dear ones, let your self reassure your self of this knowing of your right direction for you.  Reassurance always comes along the way; you just need to be awake and aware to receive it.  There is no wrong way here as the process continues to adapt to your own choosing.  Again, it is why it is better to decide and make a choice, to commit to that choice and to free your self to move forward into more new choices, options and possibilities.  A continuous support of your path always, yet one must take the steps to be able to receive the vast abundance of magic and miracles that await you with each step you take.  Most assuredly this is the path of your dreams come true.  A pretty package just waiting to be opened!

Prepare to Take a Stand..Accountability

Every little bit helps, dear ones, never underestimate even what you would call the smallest of gestures.  Step out now of your comfortable ways and step in to find a new perspective, a bigger picture of what takes place around you.  Break free from the “small” and “narrow”, as if your world revolves under a looking glass.  Remove whatever is holding you back from what calls to you now, from reaching out to openly and whole-heartedly touch another.  Be still in your discomfort from doing so and envision the life you would want for all your fellow beings.  Even Mother Nature could use your loving out-reach, to plant a tree or clear toxins from her waters.  Yes, there are many ways to reach out, to show up and take a stand for what is Highest and Best for all.  Nothing is beneath you here; you all are fully capable to find your way in extending your “narrow” living to include being a loving support in some way, shape or form.  Get creative, what you think may go unnoticed would not come to you as an idea for naught.  There is a reason you have been swirling ideas about how to extend your self, there is joy that is always reciprocated in this process, dear ones.  You may never know the full extent of your loving gesture but assuredly, you will find joys somewhere along the way from you’re reaching out.

 Accountability is simply your self-choice about what you may, or may not, be capable of doing at this time.  Measuring is not what is being described here; instead this is referring to your own feelings of self-worth and self-purpose.  How do you feel about who you are and from there allowing that to be lovingly shared with another, and another and another?  Simply a smile can create the glory of being in the right place at the right time, to receive it and give it.  Joy and passion shared can give a boost to another in need of motivation or uplifting.  How will you know if you don’t give your self the opportunity to stretch out, extend out and reach for that opportunity that is coming from another’s need to be acknowledged.

 Believe in your magic within, the deep well of resources given to you to apply your self in taking your stand.  Yes, your stand, you individually, in filling the gap with your gifts and resources, now, today, no need to wait for this or that to happen or not happen.  Just step right in to your power here, to breakthrough the “narrow” barriers and begin to consciously feel and know how you, this “one-you”, can make a difference by taking a stand right where you are, in your own power and with your own resources within; to be accountable for your role, your part within this “whole”, your family, your community, this world.  Have enough faith in your self and your worth to hold yourself accountable to all that calls to you now.  Only you know what that is.  Going “all the way” here may be exactly what we all need or you may just find that it brings a big smile and happy heart to you, allowing you to overflow this all to the masses, step-by-step, with each loving outreaching gesture.