Nurturing Reassurance

There are many choices available, always, dear ones, why ever limit your self to just one?  Do you not believe that you can step out and actually find other ways to be, other ways to do things, or new ways to look at your world around you?  You are in a vast, open spacious environment; your life is full of opportunities and potentials.  Does just settling for the same-old mundane really bring you peace and happiness?  Undoubtedly, you are a being of creation, of change and growth, built to thrive in change and flow in the swirls of energetic processes.  Believing in this as your avenue to everything you desire is where most stop short and nearly experience much of their life’s expansiveness. 

 The uncertainty in your decision process robs you of a fullness you came here to learn and know.  Remove this uncertainty, the doubts and fears of change and begin to feed your process of growth and evolution.  Nourish your self with Light in understanding, knowledge and wisdom of experiencing your life, fully and whole-heartedly.  Stop and quiet your self to allow your dreams to come forth, to bring you your expanded versions of mundane and life’s visions of what could be manifested with a little faith and focus.  What are you waiting for?  Quiet your self and listen to your inner voice, that which lovingly guides and directs you on to new pathways, in new directions, new experiences, and new relationships.  Trust in your guidance system within to lead you to all that your heart so desires.  Trust your way of moving through your life, whether it is in a grand dynamic way, or a simple style of poise and grace.  No matter, your trusting and allowing nurture your next steps, and as you take those next steps, you are reassured of your powers and resources within to carry you in any direction you decide to go.

 Decide to decide, and you have just made one step in moving forward toward that unfolding magical change.  New options and choices come with each new step you take, dear ones, let your self reassure your self of this knowing of your right direction for you.  Reassurance always comes along the way; you just need to be awake and aware to receive it.  There is no wrong way here as the process continues to adapt to your own choosing.  Again, it is why it is better to decide and make a choice, to commit to that choice and to free your self to move forward into more new choices, options and possibilities.  A continuous support of your path always, yet one must take the steps to be able to receive the vast abundance of magic and miracles that await you with each step you take.  Most assuredly this is the path of your dreams come true.  A pretty package just waiting to be opened!

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