Visualize the Invisible Power of Love

The union of heart and mind equal love, love of self and/or love of another.  Allow the full influence of love’s magnificence to be present, to be melded one with your entire being.  Open fully to receive all that is flowing forth, then flow it out to share it, as it has now been transformed and expanded, with your processing of it, to you and through you.  Yes dear ones, each time you let love in you are shifted and changed by its magical unseen forces, its powers of inspiration and uplifting.  It is then that the love flowing within is also changed, transformed, enhanced and renewed by your own internal processing, before it is then flowed out, released into the universe for whoever may be present to receive it.  Yes, even a stranger can receive your beautiful flowing love.  It is a powerful force that can be received by any and all who is at the same vibration and open to receive its flowing goodness, beauty and wellbeing.  It is how love is present for all, everyone, in any situation; no exceptions, no exclusions. All are potential candidates for a love connection, to fill their beings with loves eternal potency of revitalizing energy.

 When love is visualized a smile of joy and happiness becomes visible, as the physical body responds favorably to loves presence.  Even if one is uncertain of what love is, they will still encounter a positive physical response once they open and receive it, simply by letting it in.  Remove all resistance to love, all fears or doubts around love, all old past painful memories about love, even all expectations of what love is.  Simply let love be what it is for you; fully allow your response to love to be unlimited, unrestricted and undefined in any way.  Believe in your worth, your value as a beautiful creation of love; that you already are love.  Thus each and every time you look into a mirror, or into a reflection of your self, see this being as love, all love, head to toe, heart and soul and everything in-between.  Not one cell of your amazing being is without love, or separate from love.  All is one working and flowing together fully aligned and integrated with the power of love, eternally and forever more, expanding and exalting in all its glorious presence!

 Remember, as much as you allow, will be the measure of your experience.

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