Vulnerability: Trusting Our Innocence

Be open, be free dear ones.  There are so many ways to look at your world, there are so many choices for options in which to live and breathe your life.  The best part is that you get to choose what it is that you would like to experience.  Simply let it all in, yes, one must be open and freely accept all that has come to their beck and call.  Even knowing that chaos and fear may loom around you, if one is at peace and flowing their Light and Love, then it is only beauty you will experience from opening up to that which has come to greet you.  Be friends with it all, remove all judgment to what is taking place and begin to fully feel your inner senses assisting you in what is now being created for you to have, to hold and to fully embrace in the experience of it “all”.  There will always be yin and yang, opposites and paradoxes, yet these do not need to create a negative feeling or experience for you.  Rather, as you embrace it all in Love and Light you will can only create a delightful experience.  As the opposites blend and come to a balance, you are actually creating a new blend of Higher goodness and wellbeing, since from this mixture comes new energies and new perspectives.

Open up now to this new phase for you, to return to your innocence untainted by maturity’s limitations of the “should’s” and “should not’s”.  Removed are the balls and chains of the past, the heavy burdens from our over-dominant ego and our mind’s control over what is what.  Yes dear ones, innocence means liberated and even in this “liberated being-ness” your evolved discernment will assist your choices in your allowing, what it is that is right and good for you.

Trust will be what one will need throughout any lifetime, yet one cannot develop their own strength in purely allowing if one does not open to the “all” of their own experience and process.  Being vulnerable lets this happen, it allows your Spirit to be free and it removes the burden of controlling that which wants to freely be a part of you now.  So, without hesitation, doubt or fear remove whatever is blocking your freedom here to fully be in your pure state of innocence, with an open heart giving and receiving love, easily and effortlessly; no measurements needed!

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