Monthly Archives: November 2010

Rise and Shine: Your Life Matters!

Seize each and every moment dear ones.  Welcome your world with each breath you take.  Make each step count as a time to discover, unfold and rejoice at what is presented to you at all times, that which awaits your awareness and acknowledgment of the gift coming forth to greet you.  Rise and shine, allow your entire being to radiate in all of its glory and beauty, inside and out.  Each and every part of you is perfect in every way.  Each and every part of you awaits your full embrace, wholeheartedly.  What are you waiting for, is your heart beating and are your lungs taking in air?  Then let yourself recognize the miracle that you are, just as you are, right here and now, with the understanding that you can create and be anything that you dream, or that your heart desires.

You dear ones, all of you are potential Masters at life, students at times and teachers at other times, all capable to learn and grow your mind-knowing and inner-instincts in a way all unique to you, an individual Light all your own.  Do you find yourself to be this amazing being of light and Love or have you forgotten to take a deep long look at who you are right now?  Look deep, yes, this is where your gifted and talented resources reside, inside of you, each and every one of you.  Not one of you is without their Magnificence within.  Claim this now; don’t delay another moment to captivate your attention to what is inherently yours this lifetime.

All that you are is a gift to this world and a gift to your world.  All that you are is connected to the Divine Plan of being in the right place at the right time.  Each step, each breath, each idea and thought, each heartbeat, is part of the natural rhythm of the Divine Plan and Bigger Picture of life unfolding.  You are right where you need to be and as you move forward you will be in that right place at just the right time, with each step, breath and heartbeat.  This is your life, your path of purpose, designed by you dear ones, and now lived and experienced by you.  Make it a great one, give it all you’ve got; and as each new day you are blessed to live, dream and “be” comes forth to greet you, open fully to the “all” of it, the “everything” being offered, as there is only Love to be found and experienced!  A magnificent life indeed!

A Closer Look at a Fresh Approach to Life

Open your eyes dear ones, open them wide and take a good look around you.  Look closely with your eyes and feel even closer with your heart, your senses and your instincts.  Let the feelings that are impressed upon you run deep, deep, deep within you.  Let that which is unseen yet present fill you up and shake, rattle and roll you, shifting and altering your present state of awareness, to that of heightened knowing and Truth.  A deliberate unfolding of newness takes place from deep within, then, as it causes a stir, brings forth that which is now ready to be acknowledged and realized for your future use.  Reveal not conceal, then trust and allow, not resist or control.  Fresh is new dear ones, fresh is clean, like a clean slate ready to be drawn upon as an artist would create his next masterpiece.  Fresh is joy, like the seed that finally bursts through the dark soil to reveal and revel in the sunlight.  Fresh is nurturing and caring as it renews and regenerates love and passions, and brings to life new ideas and dreams that are now available to actualize into form.

You are already ready for this new beginning; as it calls you forth you simply are answering the call to step in to its freshness, its mysteries and unknowns already coming to light.  Stop now, and again, look and listen with your eyes and heart.  Let your senses fully reveal their findings as more “new” comes forth for your approval and reception.  All that is here you have drawn to you, you have asked for in some way.  Understand that if not fully recognized as such it most assuredly will lead you to what you are asking to be available; most assuredly you will come to know the signs and messages that are drawing you forth to your desires of fulfillment.  This is why one must remain vigilant and alert, dear ones.

Always remain in trust of Self and believe that you are not led astray, as each fresh new beginning prepares you for that meeting with all that your heart desires.  Welcome your self onto this enchanted path of free Spirit and pure allowing, and most assuredly you will see and know just how grand your desires may come to be found and experienced.

Access-Able…Go the Distance!

Let down you guard dear ones, break down the walls of fears and doubts.  Remove the barriers of past hurt and pain, take your heart out of its steel prison and begin to feel what is infinite and lovingly abundant around you once again.  The new doors are wide open and await your passage now.  Take a look at who you are now and remove the illusion of any obstacles being in your way to fly free.  Go ahead now, trust your instincts, trust the new energies that call out to you to seek, and then find the miracles and blessings waiting your reception.

Life is an open invitation to live, always, dear ones.  Yes, live, live it your way, live it the way that feels right and true for you.  Stop the denial of letting go, of releasing your self to new directions and new pathways of exploration and discovery.  You know what is being said here, it is already a part of you; in your dreams, in your visions you call fantasy and in your mind that you call imagination.  Do you not accept that this is already a part of your path, of desires ready to be fulfilled and shared with those whom you love to be with?  Yes, even those you have not yet met or have had an opportunity to know in a deeper, more intimate way.  All is encompassed in your liberation and accessing your new, right here and right now.  Reach out, stretch and expand your understanding here of what this means for you.  Stop and assess where you are and where you would like to be going.  Take a moment or two, or three to see , know and feel what it is your heart and mind are trying to say, are trying to lovingly tell you, as the inspiration arouses passion and enthusiasm of new life, or a new chapter ready to be started and sprung open.

It is all access-able, everything you need is present and available, just tune in and get turned on.  Don’t stop now, go the distance here; go all the way.  Yes, this takes your faith and trust in your self, yet know dear ones, this is all access-able as well.  Everything is ready now for your connecting to it, to step right up and in to that unknown you call your future, that beautiful, enchanting and magical adventure that awaits you now.  That’s it, just step right in, and love your self that much!  Your joy here illuminates your heart and radiates this love to all around you.

Me, Inc…I’m Now Complete

Tomorrow may come, dear ones, but today is a sure thing.  Wake up, what is new and how do you feel?  Yes, take a look within and uncover something new, something you didn’t know until right now.  Yes, there is always an opportunity to reach in and explore the depths of your entire being, head-to-toes and everything in-between.  All that is taking place within your being of wonder and delight will reflect on the outside in a full display of Truth-in-form.  There is no hiding what cannot be hidden for long.

There is always a right moment for the realization of what now is ready to be realized and actualized. Yes dear ones, all comes forth from within your being that is now ready to be exposed and shared, in your now moment to do so.  Each new shift and change draws forth new understanding of what that means for you.  You are always one, always whole, yet in constant motion of change and transition.  How can this be, you ask?  You are designed as a being of beauty and balanced in all that is contained within.  With each step forward you begin a new process of allowing natural changes to take place, first inside your self, which then comes forth to what is external, or outside your self.  It is all simultaneous and as one begins a process you can always count on completing that process, fully intact and whole, inside and out.

Each cycle has its own way of processing, each cycle flows from one into the other, never really defining a beginning or an ending, yet this timeless cycling will always come to a balance, will always propel you toward creating yourself a-new, as you remain fully complete within your original being.  This is how one exposes what are new, dear ones.  This is how one comes to realize their innate inner resources and gifts that have found their way to be discovered and made conscious.  Yes, your understanding will shift and change.  Yes, your perspective will expand and openly acknowledge new vision.  Yet, this process will not deliver you a-new until one fully accepts it is real, and it is you now whole, complete and fully incorporated with the “me” part of your self.

Without any doubts or reservations dear ones, you are you and only you; there is no one like you, never!  Now that is enlightenment!