Me, Inc…I’m Now Complete

Tomorrow may come, dear ones, but today is a sure thing.  Wake up, what is new and how do you feel?  Yes, take a look within and uncover something new, something you didn’t know until right now.  Yes, there is always an opportunity to reach in and explore the depths of your entire being, head-to-toes and everything in-between.  All that is taking place within your being of wonder and delight will reflect on the outside in a full display of Truth-in-form.  There is no hiding what cannot be hidden for long.

There is always a right moment for the realization of what now is ready to be realized and actualized. Yes dear ones, all comes forth from within your being that is now ready to be exposed and shared, in your now moment to do so.  Each new shift and change draws forth new understanding of what that means for you.  You are always one, always whole, yet in constant motion of change and transition.  How can this be, you ask?  You are designed as a being of beauty and balanced in all that is contained within.  With each step forward you begin a new process of allowing natural changes to take place, first inside your self, which then comes forth to what is external, or outside your self.  It is all simultaneous and as one begins a process you can always count on completing that process, fully intact and whole, inside and out.

Each cycle has its own way of processing, each cycle flows from one into the other, never really defining a beginning or an ending, yet this timeless cycling will always come to a balance, will always propel you toward creating yourself a-new, as you remain fully complete within your original being.  This is how one exposes what are new, dear ones.  This is how one comes to realize their innate inner resources and gifts that have found their way to be discovered and made conscious.  Yes, your understanding will shift and change.  Yes, your perspective will expand and openly acknowledge new vision.  Yet, this process will not deliver you a-new until one fully accepts it is real, and it is you now whole, complete and fully incorporated with the “me” part of your self.

Without any doubts or reservations dear ones, you are you and only you; there is no one like you, never!  Now that is enlightenment!

2 thoughts on “Me, Inc…I’m Now Complete

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