Access-Able…Go the Distance!

Let down you guard dear ones, break down the walls of fears and doubts.  Remove the barriers of past hurt and pain, take your heart out of its steel prison and begin to feel what is infinite and lovingly abundant around you once again.  The new doors are wide open and await your passage now.  Take a look at who you are now and remove the illusion of any obstacles being in your way to fly free.  Go ahead now, trust your instincts, trust the new energies that call out to you to seek, and then find the miracles and blessings waiting your reception.

Life is an open invitation to live, always, dear ones.  Yes, live, live it your way, live it the way that feels right and true for you.  Stop the denial of letting go, of releasing your self to new directions and new pathways of exploration and discovery.  You know what is being said here, it is already a part of you; in your dreams, in your visions you call fantasy and in your mind that you call imagination.  Do you not accept that this is already a part of your path, of desires ready to be fulfilled and shared with those whom you love to be with?  Yes, even those you have not yet met or have had an opportunity to know in a deeper, more intimate way.  All is encompassed in your liberation and accessing your new, right here and right now.  Reach out, stretch and expand your understanding here of what this means for you.  Stop and assess where you are and where you would like to be going.  Take a moment or two, or three to see , know and feel what it is your heart and mind are trying to say, are trying to lovingly tell you, as the inspiration arouses passion and enthusiasm of new life, or a new chapter ready to be started and sprung open.

It is all access-able, everything you need is present and available, just tune in and get turned on.  Don’t stop now, go the distance here; go all the way.  Yes, this takes your faith and trust in your self, yet know dear ones, this is all access-able as well.  Everything is ready now for your connecting to it, to step right up and in to that unknown you call your future, that beautiful, enchanting and magical adventure that awaits you now.  That’s it, just step right in, and love your self that much!  Your joy here illuminates your heart and radiates this love to all around you.

2 thoughts on “Access-Able…Go the Distance!

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