A Closer Look at a Fresh Approach to Life

Open your eyes dear ones, open them wide and take a good look around you.  Look closely with your eyes and feel even closer with your heart, your senses and your instincts.  Let the feelings that are impressed upon you run deep, deep, deep within you.  Let that which is unseen yet present fill you up and shake, rattle and roll you, shifting and altering your present state of awareness, to that of heightened knowing and Truth.  A deliberate unfolding of newness takes place from deep within, then, as it causes a stir, brings forth that which is now ready to be acknowledged and realized for your future use.  Reveal not conceal, then trust and allow, not resist or control.  Fresh is new dear ones, fresh is clean, like a clean slate ready to be drawn upon as an artist would create his next masterpiece.  Fresh is joy, like the seed that finally bursts through the dark soil to reveal and revel in the sunlight.  Fresh is nurturing and caring as it renews and regenerates love and passions, and brings to life new ideas and dreams that are now available to actualize into form.

You are already ready for this new beginning; as it calls you forth you simply are answering the call to step in to its freshness, its mysteries and unknowns already coming to light.  Stop now, and again, look and listen with your eyes and heart.  Let your senses fully reveal their findings as more “new” comes forth for your approval and reception.  All that is here you have drawn to you, you have asked for in some way.  Understand that if not fully recognized as such it most assuredly will lead you to what you are asking to be available; most assuredly you will come to know the signs and messages that are drawing you forth to your desires of fulfillment.  This is why one must remain vigilant and alert, dear ones.

Always remain in trust of Self and believe that you are not led astray, as each fresh new beginning prepares you for that meeting with all that your heart desires.  Welcome your self onto this enchanted path of free Spirit and pure allowing, and most assuredly you will see and know just how grand your desires may come to be found and experienced.

2 thoughts on “A Closer Look at a Fresh Approach to Life

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