Rise and Shine: Your Life Matters!

Seize each and every moment dear ones.  Welcome your world with each breath you take.  Make each step count as a time to discover, unfold and rejoice at what is presented to you at all times, that which awaits your awareness and acknowledgment of the gift coming forth to greet you.  Rise and shine, allow your entire being to radiate in all of its glory and beauty, inside and out.  Each and every part of you is perfect in every way.  Each and every part of you awaits your full embrace, wholeheartedly.  What are you waiting for, is your heart beating and are your lungs taking in air?  Then let yourself recognize the miracle that you are, just as you are, right here and now, with the understanding that you can create and be anything that you dream, or that your heart desires.

You dear ones, all of you are potential Masters at life, students at times and teachers at other times, all capable to learn and grow your mind-knowing and inner-instincts in a way all unique to you, an individual Light all your own.  Do you find yourself to be this amazing being of light and Love or have you forgotten to take a deep long look at who you are right now?  Look deep, yes, this is where your gifted and talented resources reside, inside of you, each and every one of you.  Not one of you is without their Magnificence within.  Claim this now; don’t delay another moment to captivate your attention to what is inherently yours this lifetime.

All that you are is a gift to this world and a gift to your world.  All that you are is connected to the Divine Plan of being in the right place at the right time.  Each step, each breath, each idea and thought, each heartbeat, is part of the natural rhythm of the Divine Plan and Bigger Picture of life unfolding.  You are right where you need to be and as you move forward you will be in that right place at just the right time, with each step, breath and heartbeat.  This is your life, your path of purpose, designed by you dear ones, and now lived and experienced by you.  Make it a great one, give it all you’ve got; and as each new day you are blessed to live, dream and “be” comes forth to greet you, open fully to the “all” of it, the “everything” being offered, as there is only Love to be found and experienced!  A magnificent life indeed!

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