Monthly Archives: December 2010

Your Dreams: An Inspired Reality

Take the lead on life dear ones; step forward and right on in to your best life ever!  Turn your lights on within and cast the shadows away!  Begin to feel what is calling to you now, what creates excitement inside and leaves you tingly from your head to your toes.  This is not a superficial force here but is a potent creative power that runs deep within you and ignites you cell by cell.  A borrowed version of a passionate master artist at work creating his one-of-a-kind masterpiece, starting with an individual scope and perception of what is unique and outstandingly present in your mind, as a thought or image, then is carried forward by your own delivery system and processing, into its magnificent form and presentation.

Yes, all your dreams come forth from within you, each one, all your own unique design and outlay.  Yet the dream is not limited or defined by its thought or idea; hardly even a speck of what is coming to be actualized.  Your dreams come to be awakened by inspiration, like a seed that just received its first drink of water and fertilizer, along with its first burst of warmth from the sun shining on its soil environment.  It is here that the inspiration begins to nurture the awakening, step-by-step, as one begins to welcome and freely receive the information and ideas, coming forth to build upon the original dream foundation.  As one remains open to the vast array and unique scope of information, a sorting process begins as to what may stay and what must go, in this vision or concept being created.  It is all a mere building phase of this newly awakened dream, yet unlike any other dream yet discovered or made to reality.

Dreaming is a work of art all on its own dear ones; this is denied by most, thought to be frivolous in nature or of just being “in your head”, and thus is not real.  Yet in all your Truth you are the master creator here and your dreams come to you for that purpose, to be further developed and to find their form here upon the Earth plane.  Pay attention; come to realize just how often this process takes place on any regular day of your living life.  Once given importance, there is no telling what you are about to create and fulfill.  This is an infinite opportunity since dreams are never really completed at all.  Each dream becomes the foundation for the next, and the next, and the next, yet it is in this firm foundation that your dreams can be built upon, that is, each dream is carried forth with tender nurturing care, so that the process may not be severed in any way, as more of who you are and coming to be continues to grow with each dream awakened, nurtured and brought to life by you, for you in fulfillment of your life path.

Standing at the Edge of the Unknown…

Are you aligned to limitation or flight?  Just follow your natural rhythm, feel the flow and move at the same pace, sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  As you move you are making choices, you are deciding what it is that feels right and true for you; yet as you are making these decisions and choices you are still moving and flowing.  Every new moment is in to the unknown, every new step taken is not yet fully developed or there are still many elements not yet present.  Do you question your whereabouts on a step-by-step basis, dear ones?  Not likely, thus it is here you might now come to recognize that you are always moving into the mysteries of your life and path, where the “unknown” will always be present.  Yet as one specifically attempts to look at a block of their life as unknown, this can bring the mind to a heightened awareness of control, control through evaluating, assessing and judging, purely on ones past experience of what the unknown could potentially mean.  With only a glimpse of the possibilities present the mind may intercede with doubts and fears of one’s abilities or resources to withstand this so-called “unknown”, and thus, immediately you are limiting what is ready to naturally unfold for you at this time.

Movement creates motion and action, and action creates new awareness.  New awareness allows one to further remove their illusive obstacles and roadblocks, and thus, a momentum or rhythm can be created.  Yes, it is this momentum that creates the foundation for flight. The general flow of your own technique and processing of what you are experiencing either sets you in full rolling motion or, if the mind is allowed to interfere and control, you are in for one bumpy ride that may never really go far.  You see dear ones, although it may seem like a wise thing to utilize your mind to control and masterly manipulate your movement, this can cause one to get stuck, even stagnant, left on a fence to rot away.  Making decisions with your head only will limit even the slightest movement forward; it will create a drag on your momentum that depletes your energies and drive to action.  Yet, as you include your senses and follow your heart, discerning feelings and “knowing” of core Truth, it is then that your pace begins to accelerate and your own joy begins to fuel your motion and rhythm, to accelerate more, to move easier and swifter in your stride, motion and action.

Then, it is here, where your focus is forward and fueled with your passions and intentions.  It is here that you begin to feel lighter, and it is here that one takes flight up, up, up in to the unknown, beyond their past, beyond their mundane.  Up, up, up, consistent and continuous motion and rhythm all your own, as you fly now and experience what you have never known before, knowing you are safe, knowing you are on your right path and knowing that everything from here on will also be unknown.

Where there is desire dear ones, there is a launching pad being created and, as you keep your movement and stride to your own rhythm and joy, it is here you will take flight every time, with a song in your heart!

Moving from Cause to Effect

Do you understand the depth of your Being dear ones?  Do you only see from what is immediately in your physical eyesight or do you take a deep look beyond all that is visible and into the world of the invisible?  Does this seem too far out for you to comprehend, or to understand how this is possible?  Do you just settle for that which is in solid and physical form because after all, what is invisible is invisible, and that is why it is not seen?  Every cause has an effect, every single one, visible or invisible.  Thus, if one can take a deeper look, utilizing all their senses, it is then you may come to find a deeper meaning to what is transpiring for you at this time.

So many questions can be asked for clarity, and so much desire is built around those questions for clarity that one becomes lost in only believing in what they can physically see, verses seeing what is beyond that physical wall.  Yes dear ones, take that moment to extend your sight and vision to go beyond just physically seeing and begin to feel and sense all that is present before you, for you to tap into now.  Take that extra moment to ask yourself those questions that you demand from the Universal Source for clarity, and begin to find the answers you seek; as you let your senses speak to you from within.  Take responsibility for accessing, or tapping into, your own inner resources that hold the direction and guidance you seek.  Each and every question, each who, what, when, where, why and how, triggers the cause.  It is here that one expects immediate answers to appear; to come forth at this beck and call.

Dear ones, just as your questions or cause comes forth in an invisible vibration so too does all that you seek; all the answers immediately come forth for your fulfillment of effect,  effective action, effective application.  This requires a deep desire, or willingness, to be aware of what is present, as the answer can be, in itself, an unfolding process of visible/physical and non-visible/non-physical form.  Once practiced, this way of retrieving your revelations, resolutions, or effective answers, becomes an easy “matter-of-fact” way to move from cause to effect every time.  Thus, the deeper one allows their instincts and senses to move them in their process of seeking the “profound”, the effective action  and/or effective opportunity to uncover their Truth will be easily present for retrieval.

Don’t stop now or pause in your efforts here; allow the depth of cause and effect to transform you, and renew your life and your world!

Observing the Frontier between Expectation and Actualization

What side of the fence are you on?  Why not just remove the fence altogether and thus, remove the expectation of what “should” or “shouldn’t” be present or available.  Remove the dividing lines between anything separating you now from your own Truth and visions of dreams and desires.  All is real; all is defined at some level in this reality, a reality that is infinite and without defining borders impressing their limitations of all kinds.  You must see now that it is ok to become one with all that you are and all that surrounds you now.  Once you allow your perception to expand in such a way that creates the openness and true feeling of being free, mind, heart and action, it is then dear ones; you will know your true power to create and actualize all that comes forth in its degree of importance, to be brought to its actual form.

Do you feel scattered or foggy?  No need for frustration or anxiety.  This becomes your gift or prime opportunity to seek clarity of Truth coming forth to greet you.  Don’t run from this challenge, instead open your eyes and remain in strong confidence of your power to sift through any confusion, and to find the Truths in the clarity as it unfolds before you.  Yes, unfolds, creating is a process and part of your journey.  Thus, piece-by-piece and step-by-step, change and transformation is occurring, and your beautiful manifestation is unfolding in all its glory.  This is the time to hold fast to your faith that all is coming to be in its pure Divinity and Truth, of all that you dream and desire it to be.  Don’t stop the process short out of your own discomfort with what may be being actualized.  Instead, hold fast to your vision and purely allow all the elements to be present and integrate into your experience, all in their Divine way.   This is a process of co-creation, this is a process of dimensionally gathering together ideas and inspirations, that once aligned with can actualize into form.  Nothing is specific here; there are no directives or rules that must be followed.  Each piece, or step of the process, is unique and of its own delivery.  Let this be; surrender to what is taking place between your expectation and the actualization, and own your power to create as you co-create the Divine plan taking place.

Begin again now dear ones, ah yes, no fence in your way.  Do you see now how amazing you truly are?  Just be all that you are wanting to be, that which only feels right and true for you to be; and this you will know every time as your heart will sing of love and radiate a joy that lights the world!