Observing the Frontier between Expectation and Actualization

What side of the fence are you on?  Why not just remove the fence altogether and thus, remove the expectation of what “should” or “shouldn’t” be present or available.  Remove the dividing lines between anything separating you now from your own Truth and visions of dreams and desires.  All is real; all is defined at some level in this reality, a reality that is infinite and without defining borders impressing their limitations of all kinds.  You must see now that it is ok to become one with all that you are and all that surrounds you now.  Once you allow your perception to expand in such a way that creates the openness and true feeling of being free, mind, heart and action, it is then dear ones; you will know your true power to create and actualize all that comes forth in its degree of importance, to be brought to its actual form.

Do you feel scattered or foggy?  No need for frustration or anxiety.  This becomes your gift or prime opportunity to seek clarity of Truth coming forth to greet you.  Don’t run from this challenge, instead open your eyes and remain in strong confidence of your power to sift through any confusion, and to find the Truths in the clarity as it unfolds before you.  Yes, unfolds, creating is a process and part of your journey.  Thus, piece-by-piece and step-by-step, change and transformation is occurring, and your beautiful manifestation is unfolding in all its glory.  This is the time to hold fast to your faith that all is coming to be in its pure Divinity and Truth, of all that you dream and desire it to be.  Don’t stop the process short out of your own discomfort with what may be being actualized.  Instead, hold fast to your vision and purely allow all the elements to be present and integrate into your experience, all in their Divine way.   This is a process of co-creation, this is a process of dimensionally gathering together ideas and inspirations, that once aligned with can actualize into form.  Nothing is specific here; there are no directives or rules that must be followed.  Each piece, or step of the process, is unique and of its own delivery.  Let this be; surrender to what is taking place between your expectation and the actualization, and own your power to create as you co-create the Divine plan taking place.

Begin again now dear ones, ah yes, no fence in your way.  Do you see now how amazing you truly are?  Just be all that you are wanting to be, that which only feels right and true for you to be; and this you will know every time as your heart will sing of love and radiate a joy that lights the world!

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