Moving from Cause to Effect

Do you understand the depth of your Being dear ones?  Do you only see from what is immediately in your physical eyesight or do you take a deep look beyond all that is visible and into the world of the invisible?  Does this seem too far out for you to comprehend, or to understand how this is possible?  Do you just settle for that which is in solid and physical form because after all, what is invisible is invisible, and that is why it is not seen?  Every cause has an effect, every single one, visible or invisible.  Thus, if one can take a deeper look, utilizing all their senses, it is then you may come to find a deeper meaning to what is transpiring for you at this time.

So many questions can be asked for clarity, and so much desire is built around those questions for clarity that one becomes lost in only believing in what they can physically see, verses seeing what is beyond that physical wall.  Yes dear ones, take that moment to extend your sight and vision to go beyond just physically seeing and begin to feel and sense all that is present before you, for you to tap into now.  Take that extra moment to ask yourself those questions that you demand from the Universal Source for clarity, and begin to find the answers you seek; as you let your senses speak to you from within.  Take responsibility for accessing, or tapping into, your own inner resources that hold the direction and guidance you seek.  Each and every question, each who, what, when, where, why and how, triggers the cause.  It is here that one expects immediate answers to appear; to come forth at this beck and call.

Dear ones, just as your questions or cause comes forth in an invisible vibration so too does all that you seek; all the answers immediately come forth for your fulfillment of effect,  effective action, effective application.  This requires a deep desire, or willingness, to be aware of what is present, as the answer can be, in itself, an unfolding process of visible/physical and non-visible/non-physical form.  Once practiced, this way of retrieving your revelations, resolutions, or effective answers, becomes an easy “matter-of-fact” way to move from cause to effect every time.  Thus, the deeper one allows their instincts and senses to move them in their process of seeking the “profound”, the effective action  and/or effective opportunity to uncover their Truth will be easily present for retrieval.

Don’t stop now or pause in your efforts here; allow the depth of cause and effect to transform you, and renew your life and your world!

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